“Black Mirror” Season 6: Release, Cast, Plot and Storyline

Black Mirror is a Black Comedy Satire Anthology Dystopia Science fiction Television series created by Charlie Brooker. Alongside Charlie BrookerAnnabel Jones served as the lead producers of the series. Brooke is a great aspirer of the anthology and inspired by shows based on it like “The Twilight Zone.” Until now the show had five seasons. It initially aired 4 December 2011 and last aired on 5 June 2019. The first two seasons premiered on Channel 4, a British T.V Network. After attaining massive response, Netflix purchased its rights in 2015 and aired Season 3 and Season 4. After releasing the show on Netflix, it gained popularity all over the world. Netflix is happy to renew the fifth series. Season 5 launched on 5 June 2019. Black Mirror is an award-winning show, and it received eight Emmy Awards for specific episodes like “San Junipero,” “Bandersnatch” and “USS Calister.” 

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Black Mirror Season 6 Release Date

Due to the halt of Coronavirus, the show didn’t renew yet!! On attaining considerable fanbase and worldwide critics, the show will come up with the sixth season. The official release date is not yet confirmed. We expect Black Mirror Season 6 to get renewed by 2020 and premiered by 2021. Here is the latest news regarding Black Mirror Season 6.

Black Mirror Season 6 Cast

Since Black Mirror is a show based on the anthology, every season comes up with a new cast. It’s tough to anticipate the cast of the sequel. However, the creators, writers and producers will be the same. Well-known celebrities like Anthony Mackie, Miley Cyrus, and, Bryce Dallas Howard appeared in the previous seasons and made it a global hit. We expected many more popular stars to join the cast of the forthcoming season. 

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Black Mirror Season 6 Plot.

Black Mirror is an anthology based on technology and shows we are linked up. It represents how society is evolving and what changes will happen in the future! We cannot anticipate the plot as we don’t have the superpowers to read the minds of the creators. Or what are their plans!? We don’t have any official information about Season 6. Until then, stay tuned! Binge the previous seasons on Netflix! We’ll soon give you more information regarding the Black Mirror season 6 and a lot more! 


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