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Bigboss 14: Gauahar Khan and Hina Khan Vs Sidharth Shukla, who won? Rubina Dilaik disliked the comment passed by Salman Khan!

Bigboss never fails to entertain the audience! As we all know that the new season of Bigboss aired lately and is running successfully with maximum viewers. The contestants are actively participating in the show and are proving their purpose each day. We know the fact that no reality show runs smoothly, at some time, something unexpected comes up. The same happened with Bigboss Season 14. 

Bigboss came up with an unusual task where the ex-contestants of Bigboss made a reentry on Bigboss S14. Want to know who the ex-contestants are?? We have seen them on Bigboss Season 13Sidharth Shukla, the winner of BB S13Hina Khan and Gauahar Khan, was the sudden surprise to the contestants of Bigboss‘ current participants. 

What was their purpose on BB S14? Being the senior contestants, Bigboss asked them to form their teams to perform a task ‘Game Over.’ Sounds damn interesting!! As we’ve seen them already on Bigboss, the competition between them would be more intense along with their teams. Well, who won?? To win a task, you must apply a strategy. Likely the plan here was the alliance between Gauahar and Hina‘s team. To win over the strong competitor, the two groups came together to eliminate his team wisely. 

The task is to protect a buzzer within a square plot given to each team, and only two persons are allowed to enter into the field at once. And here comes a clash between Sidharth‘s team and Gauahar and Hina Khan‘s team. The fight got furious when Gauahar Khan claimed that Sidharth‘s team deceived and violated the rules. In this context, Bigboss called the senior contestants and asked them to recheck the tapes and come to a final decision. However, they failed to decide on the winner and left it to Bigboss as Sidharth also declared that the other teams cheated isolating his squad.

The quarrel didn’t settle still, and in return, it turned even worse. Gauahar Khan rechecks the rules meanwhile Hina and Sidharth yell on each other to prove their points. She calls him “Useless” and states that he yells on everything. Well, the episode had to end, and a final decision has to be taken. Bigboss announces Hina Khan and Gauahar Khan‘s teams as the winners in the following episode as it was evident that Sidharth‘s team cheated. Still, he denied to accept and continued his rivalry. Not only the team leaders it raged the contestants as well.

Another controversy of Bigboss 14, the highest-paid contestant Rubina Dilaik is unhappy with the comment passed by Salman Khan. The contestant tells Bigboss when she was called to the confession room. Salman Khan called AbhinavRubina‘s Samaan’ and RubinaAbhinav‘s Kharcha.’ The actress felt that statement was disrespectful and even felt bad for her husband, at a point she almost decided to quit the show. Bigboss asked her to make a decision and explained that the host stated that humorously and it wasn’t to disrespect someone. Bigboss couldn’t convince Rubina, and later her husband was called to the room. Abhinav somehow tried to convince her wife and advised her to take that sportively without being offended. Rubina wanted to deal with Salman Khan for this issue directly. Well, the weekend episode will have more drama and fire in it. Don’t miss the show, stay tuned!


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