Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice all you need to know.

Headlines of Today | April 20, 2015, 01.20 pm IST

The latest Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer is out and it is already rocking every DC comic fans all over the world. The rivalry between two of DC’s biggest superhero characters, Batman and Superman have had their share of conflicts but only in the comic world. This will be the first time these two giants will be facing each other In a complete movie.

The Heroes



Batman’s role has been succeeded by Ben Affleck, a move by Warner Bros that met with a lot of criticism as they were still hooked to seeing the role being reprised by Christian Bale. However the role that Bale played as Batman was from a completely different universe than this one. Unaware to many Ben Affleck also has an experience involving super hero movies. He played the role of DC’s long time rival Marvel comics’ very own Daredevil in 2003 and it was in this movie itself that Ben met Jennifer Garner for the first time.


After the success of the movie Man of steel, Henry Cavill will be returning to play the role of Superman. Cavill had succeeded the role from Brandon Routhe who starred in Superman returns. Success was not always in favor of Cavill when he took up acting as a profession. He was replaced multiple times for roles in major movies. He was the original choice for the superman returns movie but was replaced by Brandon Routh, he was chosen to play the role of Edward Cullen in the Twilight movie but was replaced by Robert Pattinson, he was also the favorite of director Campbell to play James Bond in the Casino Royale but was again replaced by Daniel Craig.


Wonder Woman

Wonder woman has been one of the prime super hero characters in the DC comics and the only female to share the success of the top contenders. Gal Gadot will be playing the role of the Amazonian beauty in this movie. No one else befits the role as it requires an actor to be athletically fit and dangerously hot,  two traits which Gal easily possesses.


Jason Momoa will be seen in action as Aquaman, this 6, 4 tower of raw muscle power has displayed his skills in martial arts and weapons in several movies like conan and Bullet to the head with Sylvester Stallone. Aquaman however has not been an integral part of the Justice league team, but that doesn’t mean he wont cease to amaze us in this upcoming movie

The Movie

Some feel the trailers have been released a lot earlier than needed, as it is becoming a big challenge for many movie lovers and DC fans worldwide to wait impatiently for 2016 to dawn even though the exact releasing month or date has not yet been announced.

The movie was initially a project based on the Justice League, following the success of Marvels the Avengers.  The idea was dropped later on and the Batman Vs Superman seemed a rather more appealing title for director Zack Snyder.

The movie is set to release in 2016

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

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