Baby Shark has now surpassed Despacito to become the most viewed video on Youtube

Remember Despacito, the hit Spanish song that took over the internet to become the most-watched video on Youtube? To date, the song has over 703 crore views on the video streaming site. However, after three long years of reign, Despacito has finally lost its crown to the music video of Baby Shark.

Baby Shark is a children’s song made by South Korean company Pinkfong. Although made in Korea, the song’s lyrics are in English. First published in 2016, Baby Shark became popular due to its catchy lyrics and melodic tune and became a hit among not only children but adults as well.

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Due to its extreme popularity, the song made it to Billboard’s top 100 songs of January 2019, by securing the 32nd spot. It further acquired a place in the UK Top 40 list. Moreover, many celebrities, including Sophie Turner, James Cordon and Ellen DeGeneres, have performed in tune to the song as part of a social media challenge back in 2018. Baby Shark was also adopted as the anthem of The Washington Nationals. This Baseball team played the song when they won the world series last year.

At the moment, the song has over 704 crores (more than seven billion) views on Youtube. That is, without any doubt, an insane figure for a children’s music video that released four years ago, in 2016.

Despite being dethroned, however, Despacito remains at a close second position and has the potential to reclaim the ‘most-viewed video’ crown once again. Also, Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You, Wiz Khalifa’s See You Again, and Masha and the Bear- Recipe for Disaster, is positioned at number three, four, and five, respectively.

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On a related note, Youtube is having a financially successful year with $5 billion brought in through advertising revenue in this third quarter of 2020. Plus, the site’s relatively new music streaming service reportedly features over 30 million paid subscribers.

If you have not watched the Baby Shark video yet, check it out here.

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