Arjun Kapoor shares his experience dubbing for the character Billy Butcher in The Boys Season 3

“The Boys” is a Hollywood superhero web series adapted from a comic book series of the same name. Eric Kripke developed the series, while Seth Rogen served as the executive producer. The Boys initially premiered in July 2019, and last aired in September 2020, received tremendous than expected. Do we get to see Season 3?? At what time could we expect The Boys Season 3 to be out??

The Boys Season 3 Release Date

The superhit web series had two spectacular seasons. The Boys Season 3 officially got renewed in July. According to various sources, we expect The Boys Season 3 to be out in late 2021 on Amazon Prime Video exclusively like the previous seasons.

The Boys Season 3 Cast

  • Karl Urban as Billy Butcher.
  • Jack Quaid as Hughie
  • Antony Starr as Homelander
  • Erin Moriarty as Starlight
  • Chace Crawford as The Deep
  • Laz Alonso as Mother’s Milk
  • Tomer Capon as Frenchie
  • Karen Fukuhara as Kimiko
  • Laila Robins as Colonel Mallory
  • Jensen Ackles joins The Boys as Soldier Boy and a lot more interesting characters. 

In the Hindi version, Arjun Kapoor dubs for Billy Butcher, Rajkumar Rao dubs for Homelander, and Disha Patani dubs for Starlight

The Boys Season 3 Updates

The first two seasons of the web series set the bar high for the upcoming season. The showrunner Eric Kripke stated that shooting would commence in early 2021, depending upon the world’s situation. Kripke said that Jeffrey Dean Morgan would join the cast in Season 3, it was not officially confirmed, but he said that he discussed a character with Morgan. Jensen Ackles’s character would be a lot of fun, also creating a threat.

Coming to the Hindi version Arjun Kapoor stated that he is a huge fan of Karl Urban and the series since the beginning, even before it could emerge as the hit series. He stated that he watched the entire Season 1 in a single day. The concept highly appealed to him, where the heroes turned into villains and Villains into heroes similarly. He considers Karl Urban a phenomenal actor; matching the same intensity and tone in another language is difficult. Arjun Kapoor revealed that he heard the tapes repeatedly to understand every instance and match accordingly. He spent a lot of time dubbing for the character to hit the perfect shot. 

He was happy that he learned something new that could enhance his abilities and improve himself. Rajkumar Rao voicing for the role of an antagonist would be fierce. Disha Patani voice for the sweet yet powerful character Starlight. Along with the Hindi version, The Boys would also be available to watch in Tamil and Telugu languages.

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