Animal Kingdom Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Storyline

When we say a family drama, it sound’s quite predictable, doesn’t it? Although this is somewhat a truth, there is a lot more to a story when it becomes a criminal drama. A perfect example of this can be Animal Kingdom. Don’t you guys dare to think that it is related to wilderness, because it is not that way here. The first season of this criminal serial drama aired in 2016 on the TNT channel. Since then, it got wild popularity from the viewers of the channel and made it to season four. Now, the fifth season is in the pipeline. Read the whole article to know what’s more to it.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Release

Release Date: Animal Kingdom Season 5

The series got the green light for the fifth season by TNT in 2019. Like the second, third, and fourth seasons, the upcoming fifth season of Animal Kingdom will have 13 episodes. The release of the prequel will be in this year. The channel has already renewed the series for the final season, which is the sixth season. Yes, Animal Kingdom comes to a closure with the sixth season. But we still have two seasons to explore.

Cast: Animal Kingdom Season 5

The cast of the fifth season can be listed below. As for now, there is no news about new faces joining the season. The audience will get to see a few glimpses of Ellen Barkin, who played the role of Janine Cody, aka, Smurf as flashbacks. At the same time, Shawn Hatosy will respire the role of Andrew Cody, aka, Pope. Also, Ben Robson, Jake Weary, Rigo Sanchez, Scott Speedman, and Sohi Rodriguez will respire in their respective roles of Craig Cody, Deran Cody, Manny, Barry, and Mia Benitez. Finn Cole

will be in his role of Joshua Cody, aka, J.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Cast


The possible prediction of the upcoming plot can be that season 5 will feature a lot of internal familial conflicts. After the strong matriarch, Smurf’s death, it is understandable that the family members will try to gain the position. Here comes the question that if Joshua gets into the fight as well? After all, he is the one who shot Smurf dead. There is a lot to watch and understand in the fifth season of Animal Kingdom.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Plot


The drama revolves around a teenage boy, Joshua. He moves in with his distant relatives after his mom’s death. Joshua’s relatives, the Codys, aren’t a simple family like the one Joshua lived in before. They are a criminal family with records of crimes since their predecessors. The head of the family is the matriarch, Janine Cody, referred to as Smurf. In the latest prequel, Smurf was shot dead by none other than Joshua. Well, this brings a lot of possible futures for the Codys and Joshua in the next season.

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Teaser: Animal Kingdom Season 5

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