Amit Tandon: ‘Goodnight India’ to bring back old-school comedy on TV

Mumbai, Jan 21 (IANS) Stand up comedian Amit Tandon is back with an upcoming comedy show ‘Goodnight India’. He says there is a huge market in our country which craves clean comedy.

On being a part of ‘Goodnight India’, he says: “Delighted to start this journey with Sony Sab TV! There is a huge market in our country which craves clean comedy. Something that they can enjoy with their families without having to worry about jokes that have the potential to drive an awkward vibe within their living rooms.”

‘Goodnight India’ is here to just provide wholesome entertainment to you and your family without getting dirty with comedy.

Tandon’s jokes are observational in nature, as he draws content from his own life, which makes him even more relatable and universally adaptable in nature.

He aims “to bring back the era of comedy before slapstick became a thing and the only source of laughter on the TV was natural and clean humour.”

Amit added: “I hope the audience likes what we have in store for them!”



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