All About the Upcoming Italian Netflix Original Zero

How will you feel when treated as an invisible person?

This upcoming Italian television series is created by Stefano Voltaggio and Menotti. The science-fiction plot comes from Antonio Dekele Distefano. The show is said to be ten episodes long. Let us see what the series brings for the audiences.

Release Date: Zero

The Italian tv series comes up today, aka, 21 April 2021. Don’t worry if you can not understand Italian. Netflix will stream Zero with English subtitles, there you go.

Cast: Zero

  • The character of Omar, aka, Zero is played by Giuseppe Dave Seke.
  • The character of Sharif is played by Haroun Fall.
  • The character of Anna is played by Beatrice Granno.
  • The character of Momo is played by Richard Dylon Magon.
  • The character of Sara is played by Daniella Scattolin.
  • The character of Hymn is played by Madior Fall.
  • The character of Awa is played by Virgina Dip.
  • The character of Edo is played by Giovanni Crozza.
  • The character of Robbi is played by Elisa Wong.
  • The character of Honey is played by Livio Kone.
  • The character of Maria Pia is played by Federica Torchetti.
  • The character of Morena is played by Stefano Taza.
  • The character of Rico is played by Miguel Gobbo.
  • The character of Dietmar is played by Thierry Toscon.
  • The character of La Vergine is played by Roberta Mattei.
  • The character of Marieme is played by Ashai Lombardo.
  • The character of Ricci is played by
  • The character of Carolina is played by
  • The character of Vidya is played by 
  • The character of Sandokan is played by Frank Crudele.
  • The character of Theirno is played by Alex Van Damme.

Plot: Zero

The plot is about a teenager who is extremely shy and has the power to be invisible. Omar is our superhero, Zero who is torn to give up on his dreams to save the neighborhood he wants to escape. While he discovers his supernatural powers, he makes friends. And maybe he will become less shy and even fall in love. 

For the time being, watch the trailer of the series I got right below for you. And don’t forget to check out Netflix’s Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! While you wait for Zero to stream.

Trailer: Zero

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