Alia Bhatt’s new label, Ed-a-Mamma reaches Tollywood star kids

Our very talented young actress Alia Bhatt’s new idea is impressive. The actress recently launched her new brand Ed-a-Mamma exclusively for children. Lockdown brought great ideas to people. She said that she always wanted to start a new label as fashion and style fascinates her. Alia found children’s clothing appealing than the adult fashion sense and also stated that the competition is very high.
A point to note, the Ed-a-Mamma label can also be used as a bookmark. The clothing brand has unique styles and models specially designed for our fun-loving budding teenagers. Ed-a-Mamma ensures utmost comfort to the children throughout the day, even while playing. The star celebrities are receiving clothes from the newly launched brand Ed-a-Mamma, they seem to be super happy with the clothes and praised Alia for her brilliant thought. Alia also delivered clothes Tollywood’s star kids and shared a beautiful picture.

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The specially designed clothes have some message to create a sustainable environment. Instead of using plastic buttons, they replaced them with seeds that help grow plants, which is a very thoughtful idea. Want to shop those fabulous clothes for your dear children and be a part of the change?? What are you waiting for? Grab them right away at their best prices on Firstcry. Ed-a-Mamma cares about the children and our mother Earth.
Alia Bhatt has been recently trolled post-Sushanth’s death and received hatred instantly. Her last movie Sadak is the most disliked trailer on YouTube for no valid reason. But the actress stood strong and continued her journey, which also led to new beginnings (Ed-a-Mamma). Fans are waiting for her South debut RRR, which portrays the different side of Alia.

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70% of Ed-a-Mamma’s latest collection is already shopped within no time and is a kick-off start to her entrepreneurial journey. Congratulations, Alia. We are waiting for more from your label. Well, there are also rumours about Alia getting married this December. Words floated for a while, but there isn’t any official announcement made by the Kapoor family or the Bhatt’s. Currently, Alia is spending some quality time with her family members despite her busy schedule. Her family has always been her most incredible support. RanAlia’s wedding is the most anticipated wedding of the year. Is 2020 the year?? Or there’s another date?? We have to wait for confirmation.

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