Alia Bhatt Launches Her YouTube Channel

Social media presence is a must for all the influencers and celebrities. That’s how they connect with their fans and audience. They use social media to promote their ongoing work, released films and to get reviews from the fans. Instagram is the most used platform and celebrities have millions of followers there. Actresses like Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt have Instagram followers over 30 million. Recently, Priyanka Chopra launched her YouTube channel to connect with inspiring personalities and now, Alia has followed the same. The only difference is, her channel is to connect with her fans personally.



Alia Bhatt’s Career and Social Media Presence

Alia Bhatt has become the famous name in India. Her 2018 film, Raazi is loved by critics and fans alike, became the first woman-centric film and the first movie to be directed by one to enter the coveted Rs100-crore club. Alia is one of the most followed Indian celebrities on Instagram with 34.2 million followers. She has 20 Million followers on Twitter. She made an announcement about her YouTube channel on her Instagram saying “Something new, something fun, something on YouTube.”

Alia Bhatt – The Brand

People usually start with the YouTube channel and then enter the film industry, but Alia is doing reversed.

In just one day, almost 74,000 people have subscribed to her YouTube channel and the uploaded video has received 95,354 views. The video that she uploaded has snippets from behind-the-scenes from her upcoming film Brahmastra with her boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor and footage from her personal life. She introduced fans to her channel.

Sandeep Murthy, partner at venture capital firm Lightbox said that “The lure of YouTube’s 100 million subscriber base growing at 100,000 a day is an order of magnitude larger in scale—that makes Alia Bhatt’s (Instagram) following look somewhat niche. As her influence grows at the same pace and scale of YouTube, so will that of the brands she endorses.”

Launching own YouTube channel has benefitted many and so will Alia Bhatt’s. The growth of her channel is surely going to happen as her fanbase is huge.


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