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Agrima Joshua announced “Shivaji” in standup comedy made the Netizens furious

“Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj” was a favorite topic once in our history books because we loved his character out of the box!  He fought for the nation and if he wasn’t there maybe the British would be still ruling us. As once in Nas Daily’s video, he claimed that India was first named Bombay by Britishers and how India proudly changed it to what it actually originated. 

But yet some people still forget who brought this all concepts, we have the roads named Swami Vivekanand Road, to our airports named “Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus”. Shivaji Maharaj has not only given us freedom but also gave us the 370 beautiful forts which tourists pay to enter and watch its scenic beauty. But some standup comedians thought it is okay to make fun of historical warriors. Agrima made a bold step that went viral in a day! Keep reading to know what exactly happened! 

Agrima Joshua Standup comedy on Shivaji Maharaj:

She announced him as “Shivaji” and claimed why it should be called Shivaji Maharaj? Looks like somebody’s weak in history. She thinks that nobody’s said that before because nobody had guts but everyone has the brain to not make fun of historical warriors which have fought for our nation. It’s not just about “Shivaji Maharaj” but every warrior should be respected equally as they have been in a time where people didn’t have Instagram to stand up for a social cause.

Her standup comedy went viral because of which it broke the sentiments of people. Because it did hurt everyone’s sentiments few people broke in into the Standup Comedian set. The guy referred to himself as “Yash Ranade” and there were more 10 people with him. He asked for an apology letter from Agrima. He also said the manager that how could they allow such things and how can this be a form of entertainment. 

However, Agrima first posted a tweet saying that “she won’t apologize for this, NOPE”. That made netizens so furious that not only her video went viral but also, Sourav Ghosh’s video went viral based on the same issue. However, she was pressured, and looking at the amount of hate decided to apologize. She also removed her previous tweet on not apologizing. People claimed her “Hypocrite” and users commented, “Crocodile tears”, “This is Maharashtra and you have to respect its emotions”,” चुकीला माफी नाही” (No excuses for wrongdoing) and more! 

About Sourav Ghosh’s video: 

He is also a standup comedian who made a video on Mumbai Airports. He also made fun of Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport and domestic named the same. He said it was confusing for him because he landed in a different airport. He also made fun saying it should be named “Shivaji Airport, not Shivaji Airport and maybe Shivaji Airport”. This joke went viral along with Agrina’s video so Sourav removed the video facing the hate comments on his video. 

Netizens Reaction:

Netizens pissed by her behavior have created hate pages, trolling memes on Agrima saying who are these people and who gave them the right to make fun of their beloved warrior Shivaji Maharaj? Some people also judged the level of hypocrisy of Agrima, some rumors also claim that there is an FIR on her act. Looks like Agrima the joke is on you, not acknowledging the sentiments of people will always have a price to pay! 

Agrima Joshua’s Video on Shivaji Maharaj:


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