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A California Christmas: Release date, Cast and Plot.

December has begun with people posting their Christmas reads to Christmas films. But aren’t you tired of the same old films? Well, pay attention because as the name suggests the movie isn’t exactly sophisticated as it seems. But a city guy falling in love with a farmer’s daughter. Sounds like a Bollywood film with a classic twist! And the twist is? Please stick with me to find out.   

Release Date: A California Christmas

The Movie is releasing on 14th of December 2020 on Netflix. 

Cast: A California Christmas

The Romance will bloom between a Female Rancher and a business employee from City. Lorynn York plays the Female Rancher as Callie from the Roped film. Josh Swickard will be pairing up with her as Joseph. Other casts include Amanda Detmer, Gunnar Anderson, Ali Afshar, David Del Rio, and more will be starring in the upcoming film. 

Plot: A California Christmas

The film is about a Van Assen business trying to take over a Ranch to build a warehouse. But the twist is it isn’t anyone’s cup of tea. Since the Rancher, Callie is not ready to sell the land for money. She says it’s for the Bernay Ranch. The company offers Joseph a deal to make Callie sign in for the ranch in three weeks. In return, he will be made the president of acquisition. But with a reward so big, Joseph has to work undercover changing his identity as a helper for Ranch. 

Callie confesses Joseph that she is expecting a person from Van Assen’s company to throw money at her face to sell Ranch. Joseph feels guilty; however, he doesn’t reveal his identity. The duo starts spending time and they start having feelings for each other. Hannah, who looks like Callie’s daughter teases Callie when she handover hat to Joseph. If you are looking for cute romantic Christmas film add this to your wishlist! 

Will Joseph rather become the President of acquisition or win Callie’s heart? Mind over heart who is going to win? We also see that someone reveals Callie about Joseph’s identity. Also, Callie’s mother is facing some health issues who advises Joseph that Callie isn’t tough. Will the Christmas confetti add some sparks between the duo? Let’s find out! 

Trailer: A California Christmas