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7 Hollywood Franchises you Must Watch in this Life Time

Some movie series make a deep impact in our lives. We often find ourselves using the phrases from the series we followed with our hearts. I hope you find your nostalgia in one of the underneath epic series. Comment your favorite and let me know.

Jurassic Park: 5 movies

So, here is a power-pack of history, thrill, horror, and adventure. In the 1990s a book named Jurassic Park was published by Michael Crichton. The book had three installments and was adapted as a movie series with the same name. To date, we have five Jurrasic Park movies and the sixth one is under-development. 

The fifth sequel to Jurrasic Park will release sometime in 2022. Steven Spielberg’s beautiful direction brought the movie immense fame and positive acclaim.

Mission Impossible: 6 movies

What do you think of the spy Ethan Hunt? The thriller spy movie series, Mission Impossible is based on Bruce Geller’s television series sharing the same name. The first movie of the film series was released back in 1996. 

After five successful sequels, the sixth sequel, aka, Mission Impossible 7 is set to release in 2021. I will be more precise, the release date is 19 November 2021.

Pirates of the Caribbean: 5 movies

Walt Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean and Tim Powers’s On Stranger Tides got adapted and made this fantastic movie franchise. The first movie was released in 2003. The sixth film of the series is said to be in development along with a spin-off. Looks like the Caribbean will stay with us for a little while more.

Star Wars: 12 movies, 1 series

George Lucas’s Star Wars is one of the biggest franchises to date. The first movie of the franchise was released in 1977.  It has films, video games, novels, and series, and some upcoming sequels scheduled too. By the way, who is your favorite Star Wars character?

Harry Potter: 8 movies

J.K. Rowling’s magic-fantasy books got rejected by several publishing houses, but now it is hard to find a person who doesn’t know about Harry Potter. This fantasy-adventure series made its debut in 2001 with the movie, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. There are seven parts to the movie and the fans refer to themselves as Potterheads.

Lord of the Rings: 6 movies

Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings consists of three movies. All three films are based on the books written by J.R.R. Tolkien. The viewers appreciated the series on a great scale and all the movies were released simultaneously in one-year intervals.

The first movie premiered in 2001 followed by the second and third ones. The Lord of The Rings was greatly acclaimed with awards.

Marvel Cinematic Universe: 23 movies, 1 series

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is one of the most positive and commercially acclaimed franchises of all time. The 2008’s Iron Man was the first release by the MCU and was a part of the Phase One release. 

Now after releasing several movies, television series, games, and comics, MCU has one of the greatest fanbases. We have several Phase Four releases coming up this year.

With all these Hollywood packages I am pretty sure that you are booked for at least a few weeks. Besides, you can take note of some Indian OTT Series that are worth a watch. Keep Safe till I get back to you with some more suggestions.

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