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5 Well-Aged and 5 Poorly-Aged movies from Ghibli Studio

One of the most recognized studios from Japan, Ghibli Studio, is known for its animated movie. The studio got the leads from three prominent directors, Toshio Suzuki, Hayao Miyazaki, and Isao Takahata. In 1986, Ghibli Studio debuted with its first production, Castle in the Sky. Since then, the studio comes up with a film every one or two years. It holds the production of multiple classics which aged pretty well. But then, some movies didn’t get that far. Let us take a look at a few of them in both categories.

Well-Aged Movies: 

  1. Ponyo:

Hayao Miyazaki acted as the director and Toshio Suzuki was the producer of this 2008 movie. Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea tells a cute story of a kid named Sosuke and a mystical girl, Ponyo. It bagged the Japanese Academy Film Prize for the best animation of the year. On a personal note, I find it a lot cuter than the teenage version, The Little Mermaid.

2. Howl’s Moving Castle:

This 2004, fantasy anime holds an Academy Award nomination and is yet another masterpiece by Hayao Miyazaki. The story involves mystery, war, as well as, romance making it as perfect as anything. Howl’s Moving Castle should be on your list if you like Spirited Away.

3. Princess Mononoke:

If you ask, Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki make a perfect team for top-grossing animes. Princess Mononoke revolves in an ancient era of a Japanese Forest Village. The movie bagged several awards like Hochi Film Awards, Japan Academy Awards to name a few. The movie is worth watching if you like some supernatural stuff.

4. Spirited Away:

If fantasy can be any better, then it is in Spirited Away. The film is one of the highest-grossing animes ever by Hayao and Toshio under Shibli’s banner. This 2001 Japanese animation movie received an Academy Award in 2003. I will totally recommend this anime to anyone either they are into it or not.

5. The Tale of Princess Kaguya:

Ghibli Studio is a 2013 anime movie based on the legendary woodcutter story from Japan. The Tale of Princess Kayuga also has an Academy Award for itself. Isao Takahata, the director, and Yoshiaki Nishimura, the producer painted the story in the best way possible.

Poorly-Aged Movies:

1.From Up on Poppy Hill:

Ghibli never produced something that’s not worth a watch, but sometimes the plot can ruin everything. Goro Miyazaki directed this Hayao Miyazaki screenplay in 2011. The story could have been great only if the middle part didn’t mess it up.

2. The Secret World of Arriety:

Hiromasa Yonebayashi’s The Secret World of Arriety is perfect from all aspects. It holds several awards and nominations but it didn’t hit the mark like other Ghibli productions. The main reason behind it was the adaption being a common story. But it is still worth a watch.

3. Earwig And The Witch:

Diana Wynne Jones’s novel’s adaption Earwig And The Witch was Ghilbi’s first-ever 3D animations. Fans obviously had a higher expectation which Ghibli didn’t stand up to. The dubbing in English seemed out of the place and the animations weren’t up to that mark.

4. Castle In The Sky:

The writer-director Hayao Miyazaki created Castle in the Sky in 1986. The story is sweet to describe but nothing special. It should have got more recognition as a classic. Anyway, the couple is very adorable in itself.

5. Tales From Earthsea:

Goro Miyazaki’s direction didn’t meet his father’s expectations. Tales From Earthsea can also be considered as Ghibli’s worst production to date. The audience felt unfulfilled with the plot of the anime. The movie came in 2006 and didn’t gross as expected.

Not everything is always progressive and spontaneous, is it? So Ghibli’s some productions hit the mark and bagged Academy Awards while others just swooped down. Here is a list of the top 5 animes of all the time, check if there is one from Ghibli or not.

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