2019 made these 5 people famous : Read Full Report

2019 is almost ending and everyone is busy with the flashbacks of the year. Well, it has been a year of roller coaster ride for many of us, just like every year. But, for some people, 2019 has been a year of name and fame. If you are not sure what does this means, then have a look of following people who got famous overnight in 2019.

Ranu Mondal – The Overnight Sensation of 2019

She has to be on the top of this list because the fame she has gained in 2019 is unbelievable. From the railway platform to the platform where people struggle for years to get, the film industry has been her journey. When her video came out where she was seen singing a song ‘ek pyaar ka nagma hai’, it went viral. Her voice was praised by people and celebrities. She even got a chance to sing in the film.

Later, she got criticised for behaving rudely with her fans.

Ahmad Shah – The Pichhe to Dekho Kid

The ‘pichhe to dekho’ kid, Ahmad Shah got famous in 2019 with his one video. The Pakistani kid was seen saying pichhe to Dekho when got distracted by the hen when he was talking to his relative/neighbour. This video got famous as meme material too.Well, the kid is very cute and smart. Watch his video:

Muhammad Sarim Akhtar – An angry Pakistani Fan

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 made a Pakistani fan famous. The London based fan, Muhammad Sarim Akhtar became popular when he was disappointed while watching Pakistan and Australia at Taunton. A group of Pakistani fans came to watch the game wearing t-shirts with Akhtar’s funny reaction moment.



Greta Thunberg – A kid who sparked the movement in 2019

Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old Swedish environmental activist gained international recognition with her one speech and later with the movement she started in the whole world. She also attracted members for her idiosyncratic speech. Even though she got a lot of criticism for many leaders/people, she is still doing great with all her efforts.

Deepika Ghose – The RCB girl

A girl who was seen in a few moments on the big screen during the RCB vs SRH match at Bangalore got famous in 2019. She got lacs of followers in just two days on Instagram. She now has a verified Instagram account. The latest update from her life is, she is getting married and had the most amazing bridal shower.

Well, these are the perfect example of overnight name and fame. If this stays forever or not is another question which remains unanswered.

Stay tuned for more of such crispy content.


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