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YouTube Targets Teenagers By Bringing New Education Feature Called Learning Playlist



YouTube, Google-owned content sharing app, is bringing a new education feature called Learning Playlists to target teenagers with dedicated landing pages for educational videos. The videos will be free of algorithmic recommendations, maybe with respect to topics like math, science, music, and language.

When the talk is about education, YouTube is not taking any chances and is focusing to make at its best. Even, YouTube has removed the recommended videos from Learning Playlists. In short, hiding recommendations from watch page.

According to the report by The Verge, YouTube is on fire in terms of algorithm-driven recommended videos. The Playlists will be based on free-from-algorithm driven recommendations and would have organizational features like chapters around key concepts. The concepts will be ordered from beginner to advanced lessons. This will help viewers’ focus on their lessons without any distractions and will invest quality time. The company, YouTube, in past was reluctant to turn off recommendations as it would drain less traffic to other videos.

This new platform by YouTube platform will be welcomed with trusted partners like Khan Academy and TED-Ed, the report added. The educational channels like Coding Train will teach professional skills like C++, JavaScript and many more, and Crash Course by creators Hank and John Green will also be welcomed and will teach topics like chemistry, biology.

Google-owned content sharing app has taken major steps to improve in the education field. According to reports, on October 2018, YouTube announced that it is going to invest $20 million to fund resources for educational organizations and creators through a Learning Fund initiative.

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The videos which will become part of the educational playlists, would not autoplay at the end of a playlist. There will be least chances of users’ falling asleep during educational lessons and waking up to videos about conspiracy theories.



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Maharashtra Govt lauch ‘MahaKavach’ App to Track COVID-19 Cases




Maharashtra Govt lauch 'MahaKavach' App to Track COVID-19 Cases

The state government of Maharashtra has announced to launch a smartphone app named “MahaKavach” that will help government officials to track suspected COVID-19 cases in the state.  According to internal sources, The app is not being openly listed on Android or iOS app stores, will only be used by the government to track specific, suspected COVID-19 cases, or those who have already been put in quarantine by health officials in the state.

‘MahaKavach’ App to Track COVID-19 Cases

The app will use smartphone-based location services and will be used to geo-fence the individuals as India fights to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic from reaching a community transmission stage.

Maharashtra government has confirmed that the app will not be accessible to everyone, as the state government aims to use it for very targeted cases. With multiple cases of COVID-19 patients either hiding their travel history or known to have broken quarantine, the MahaKavach app by the Maharashtra government will help authorities keep a track of those who have been placed in quarantine. In ways, this may also help the authorities in contact tracing by accessing the location history of the suspected COVID-19 cases in the state, in identifying all other individuals who may have been in close proximity of the suspected cases.


As India presently stands on the brink of the community transmission stage of COVID-19, smartphone apps such as these are becoming increasingly commonplace. According to reports, the MahaKavach app has been developed jointly by the Nashik Municipal Corporation, the Maharashtra State Innovation Society, the Nashik District Innovation Council and the Nashik Municipal Smart City Development Corporation. Since the governing body wants to use it only for specific cases, sources in the Maharashtra state government have clarified that it will only available for download via a link or QR code that will be provided to specific individuals personally.

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PUBG Mobile Lite 0.16.0 Update: Brought a bunch of new goodies for their player




PUBG Mobile Lite 0.16.0

PUBG Mobile Lite has brought a bunch of new goodies for players. It has updated  version of 0.16.0 which brings several new additions to the popular battle royale game. Named ‘Varenga in Bloom’, the update makes some changes to pre-existing mechanics in the game, along with adding a few new ones.

The new updates includes Cherry Blossom areas in Varenga where you can pick up Picnic Baskets. These can be found under certain cherry blossom trees and reward players with Flare Guns and festive Paint Grenades.  You can also use Flare Guns to call in Super airdrops that bring you powerful weapons, just like the regular PUBG and PUBG Mobile. The Super airdrops will also bring Paint Grenades that release colorful paint that dye characters in Spring colors.

Apart from these items, the update also adds there are some improvements and updates for the Varenga map. There’s a new shelter with resources added to the North, some more roads leading to the Urban area have been added, the industrial area to the Southwest Factory has been fine-tuned and more. It also adds a new feature that allows players to quickly switch and shoot their secondary weapon while they reload their primary weapon. PUBG Mobile Lite now gets support for Arabic, Hindi, French, and Spanish languages. The Classic mode and PlayLab have been combined as the new Battle Royale mode. There is a new look for the character UI (user interface).

A new map selection menu and new markers have also been added to PUBG Mobile Lite. Some of the coupon names have been changed as well. Premium Crate coupon has been changed to Premium Outfit Coupon and the Supply Crate Coupon has been changed to Outfit Coupon, among other coupon name changes. The new update for PUBG Mobile Lite also fixes the Ranked Season rating error. The Varenga in Bloom update began rolling out from Wednesday.

Here are some of the other features coming with the update:

  • Firearm Updates – Players now can level up specific weapon to unlock more experience.
  • Quick Secondary Weapons – When reloading the main weapon, an option to quickly switch to and fire from the secondary weapon is now available.
  • Classic mode and PlayLab combined as a new Battle Royale mode.
  • New functions – Career Results, Room Cards, New look for the Character UI and more


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FaceApp an access your gallery even you have permission set to ‘never’



FaceApp, the AI-powered app that can edit photos of a person’s faces to show older or younger versions of themselves, can access your gallery even you have permission set to ‘never’. Thus, raising privacy concern issues of user’s personal information.

With the help of advanced software algorithms, Faceapp draws viral attention on social media for a popular service to transform selfies and make people virtually look older or younger than their actual age. With high popularity, several celebrities have also shared their older-looks. But due to some mysterious terms, Faceapp is in bars of privacy policies of a user in news today.

UK-based Digitas strategist James Whatley said on Twitter, “You grant FaceApp a perpetual, royalty-free, irrevocable, license to use, publish, adapt, distribute your user content in all media format when you post or share.”

Thus in simpler terms, Faceapp has full right to use your real name or your username. It can be any terms of “any likeness provided” in any format without notifying you. The app can retain that data or information even after you delete the app. As Tech Crunch points out, even you are not protected against the terms for those who set their Apple iOS photo permissions to ‘never’.

In respect to the above statement, Faceapp has clarified that they store an uploaded photo in the cloud for its performance and traffic, and to make sure that the user doesn’t upload the photo repeatedly. Even concerning about user’s privacy, they said in a statement that most images are deleted from their servers within 48 hours from the upload date and are not even sent or shared with the third party or to Russia, though R & D is located in Russia. As FaceApp features are available without logging in, they do not have any information of 99% of users.

But a question arises here, what if the content is used for commercial purposes? It is specifically mentioned in Faceapp’s terms and policies that, “By using the Services, you agree that the User Content may be used for commercial purposes”.

Even some of the services of Faceapp are supported by advertising revenue and such promotions and advertisements may be placed by the app in conjunction with your User Content.

FaceApp said in a statement to TechCrunch that the app accepts requests from users to remove their data from its servers. The users can send the request through Setting>Support>Report a bug with the word “privacy” in the subject line, as the team is currently overloaded.

This is not the first time, Faceapp is in controversy. Back in 2017, Faceapp was in news for an ethnicity filter. Ethnicity filter was named as a controversial filter that was designed to change the facial features and skin tone of users to match a certain ethnicity.

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Amazon Alexa Arrives on Android TV



Amazon Alexa, known simply as Alexa, is a virtual assistant developed by Amazon, is now available on selected Android TVs. According to the recent reports, it is now available on Sony Android TVs, at the moment.

The Amazon Alexa Music Cameras and TV Control app are now available in the Google Play Store to download for free.

You can use your voice to play music, view your cameras or control your smart TV. This technology will also allow you to change the channel, adjust the volume, switch inputs, and control media playback for your TV, as needed. It will also allow you to listen to music from Amazon Music, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and much more.

Earlier, if you wanted similar technology with your TV and Echo speakers, you’d be forced to buy a Fire TV product. Now you’ll be able to enjoy voice commands without the need for extra hardware on your Sony Android TV. Hopefully, in the near future, it will be available on all Android TVs.

According to Android Police reports, the app is currently available on US, UK, Germany, Spain, France, Austria, and the Republic of Ireland.

As each region has specific supported devices, so below are the link for your own model:

This release came in after Amazon and Google decided to put an end to their arguments and rivalry in April and came to the same platform, accepting each other’s respective products moving forward. In the past, Amazon removed the Chrome cast from its store, while there was a long absence of Prime Video on Android or Android TV devices. But, it has been promised that Prime Video will be welcomed again on Android TV while the Amazon Fire TV devices will get the official YouTube app as well.


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Patanjali launches Kimbho App to compete with WhatsApp



Kimbho is an application which is similar to that of Whatsapp. The Kimbho App will be launched by Baba Ramdev and Patanjali. Recently Baba Ramdev launched the Swadeshi Sim cards to offer a challenge to Jio. Now Baba Ramdev is on his way to challenge the supremacy of Whatsapp by launching the Kimbho.

Kimbho App is a desi messaging app

The main motto of the Kimbho app is that “Ab India bolega”. It operates n a similar manner as that of the Whatsapp. Mr. Tijawarawaja is the spokesperson of Patanjali. According to him, the kimbho is a Sanskrit word. The meaning of Kimbho is “How are you? What’s new?”

The main motive of Baba Ramdev and Patanjali is to start all new in India and to compete with the hugely popular Whatsapp. The features are not ordinary and will surely seek the attention of all the users.

Features of Kimbho App  that is an extra benefit when compared to Whatsapp

Just similar to that of Whatsapp the Kimbho-app will provide the users to chat with people personally and it will also allow the users to talk in groups. This is not it, Kimbho is offering an extra benefit which can cross the features of Whatsapp and may be liked by a number of people. Kimbho app will allow their users to follow celebrities on the desi platform of messaging. This is an extra feature which can be proved to be beneficial to the user.

The Kimbho-app is claiming that it is having the AES encryption. This AES encryption will ensure that the conversation among individual or groups will remain personal and private. Another point which may be useful to the users is that the Kimbho app will not save any data of the users on the servers.

The easiest way to make it popular is that they have made the availability of Kimbho app on both Android or Google Play Store and as well as on the iOS App Store. You can easily avail the Kimbho app now. For the past few days, the Kimbho app has received a total of thousand downloads. They are looking forward to increasing the market. Baba Ramdev and Patanjali are looking forward that it hits download of more than millions and becomes popular as that of Whatsapp.

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User must know these 5 latest updated features of WhatsApp



WhatsApp is nothing but a cross-platform messaging, freeware and Voice over IP service. This App was invented for providing communication services. Features of WhatsApp include sending Voice calls and text messages. It is also used for video calls and sending various types of images, documents, user location and other media. One can operate WhatsApp from mobile or from the computer also. WhatsApp only requires the cellular mobile number.

There have been many updates on WhatsApp to date. WhatsApp help in downloading the erased media and also have the capacity of asking about cash by the help of WhatsApp Pay.

5 Latest updated features of WhatsApp

5 Latest updated features of WhatsApp include the request of money on WhatsApp through UPI ID or the QR Code, Hands-free recording of the voice notes even by locking the button of voice recording, better controlling ability of notification by a WhatsApp feature which is known as the ‘High priority notifications’, Restoring the deleted media files which is there on WhatsApp, Revoking the rights of admin by a feature known as the ‘Dismiss as Admin’.

  • Request for money on WhatsApp through UPI ID or the QR Code- By the help of these method users can easily request money in Whatsapp along with the payment option. The feature of requesting money can only be applied by using the QR Code or the UPI ID. However, the feature cannot be availed by selecting the contacts only.
  • Hands-free recording of the voice notes even by locking the button of voice recording- By this new feature the user using the WhatsApp can easily lock the button of voice recording.
  • The better controlling ability of notification by a WhatsApp feature which is known as the ‘High priority notifications’- This new feature of WhatsApp allows their user to pin all the notifications. This feature can pin private chat and also a group. This is to keep the private chat or the group at the top so that no important messages are missed.
  • Restoring the deleted media files which are there on WhatsApp- This feature of WhatsApp enables its users to download the media files which have been deleted.
  • Revoking the rights of admin by a feature known as the ‘Dismiss as Admin’- The ‘Dismiss as Admin app’ helps the user in revoking the rights of other admins of the group. This is done without removing the revoked admins from the group.

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The Best Game Apps for 2018 – Bunch of fun and excitement



game apps

In today’s era, a craze for game apps is increasing day by day. Henceforth apps developers motivated to generate game apps more and more.

Now a day’s youths searching for the latest mobile games to have fun and excitement in their life. And also they like to pass their free time by playing mobile games, even also while sitting on the bus or waiting for an appointment. For such game apps lovers, this year supplies many of novel game apps. Just go through the below trendy game apps.You will just love it!

Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is one of the adventurous game apps of 2018. You will be going to enter to the fantasy world where Alto’s Adventure going to continue. You will play the role of a snowboarder in this game, flying down an endless, gorgeous landscape. The journey had players on a snowy peak, but Odyssey heads for bright pastures in a mixture of desert landscapes. The simple animated art style that Alto’s Adventure initiated is particular fresh life in the desert, with beautiful sunsets, dark rainstorms, and amazing starry skies


If you’re a puzzle fan, you must play this game! Dissembler is one of those puzzle games that just feels good to play around with, but it backs that simple happiness with a solid craze of puzzles and gameplay modes.

It’s tough, it’s chic, and its minimal art style leaves you with an organized and attractive piece of pocket skill.

Kitty Powers’ Love Life

Kitty Powers’ Love Life is very different game apps that you have ever discovered. Kitty sets you three missions to reach every week! You’ll be paid coins for each mission you finish and you might even be pleased with a gift!

Positions that you’ve built in the village can be enthused to a diverse region! You can still flatten them if you require to, except touching them instead means that any activities or actions taking place there don’t require to be reorganized!

If a couple is feeling difficult to level up and it’s understandable that they’re not correct for each other, you can shell out to expel them from the village. It’ll cost you a few names, but that could be well again than harassed to force two people to feel affection for each other!

The Battle of Polytopia

The Battle of Polytopia is a turn-based planned adventure. It’s a game about controlling the world, struggling wickedness AI tribes, find out new lands and inventing novel technologies.

Auto-generated maps create all game a fresh experience, with limitless play again policy. You can choose different tribes. walk in the dark icy forests of Barduria, discover the damp Kickoo jungles or declare the lush field of the domineering kingdom.

Simple, well-executed gameplay. Singleplayer manner is appealing and diverse bot levels implied well. Multiplayer expenses one in-app buy (0.99 cents) which is comprehensibly specified your game takes place on their servers. The multiplayer is turn-based and you can have fun.

Maverick Hearts

Maverick Hearts is a prison crawler in which your saint stalks the lobbies of its randomized levels crushing completely everything to uncover little, incremental amounts of gold and periodically battling beasts utilizing skirmish weapons, enchantment, and a determination of unique moves. Lamentably, the cells are unerringly dismal, the constant crushing of furniture, shocking interpretation of its turgid exchange, and ineffectively disclosed mechanics add to a mind-boggling feeling of uselessness. To exacerbate the situation it monetizes like an allowed to-play amusement regardless of cost real cash. It’s curiously horrendous and you ought to for no reason download these game apps





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