What is Robotic process Automation (RPA)?

RPA or Robotic Process Automation is considered as the method of automation of operations of the business by making use of robots to reduce the intervention of human beings.

If we break down, RPA means:

  • Robotic: involvement of machine along with mimics human actions
  • Process: Step by step sequence that helps in completion of a task
  • Automation: without any human intervention

In simple words, mimicking of actions of humans for the performance of a sequence of steps without the intervention of humans is considered as RPA.

Why RPA?

In an organization, various tasks are performed every day. All of the inessential tasks performed by humans every day can be replaced by a robot that tends to work on the technology of RPA. It is known to perform similar steps which are said to be performed by a human and also tend to complete the tasks without the interference of any human.

This way humans can focus on performing more important tasks.

For eg, at the level of data entry, the clerk f data entry tends to visit a similar source daily and also obtains the data from them and fills it in the excel sheet. This method has various defined steps to be performed like extraction of data, visiting the website and addition in the sheet, which can be performed by training the robots to perform such steps by giving few commands. The robot tends to follow these commands and also completes such tasks more accurately and quicker. These are just one of the few tasks that are performed by RPA. Most organizations are known to use RPA for an end to end automation for performing business operations daily.

Some of the tools that are used by RPA are Blueprism, UiPathand, and automation anywhere.

These are the top tools of RPA is known to provide the best services and help the RPA in performing its services efficiently. RPA is used efficiently by every organization, though it is used majorly by banks, BPO sectors, hiring process, government, healthcare, operations and much more as the task involved in these sectors is mostly redundant. Out of all the tools of RPA, automation anywhere is the best one as it excels in the services provided by it.

RPA is one of the greatest inventions of the tech world, which has said to make the work of mass quicker ad better as most of the redundant tasks can be performed by these tools while humans can put better use to their skills and knowledge.

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