Top Career Choices in 2021-22

We all know that this is a hard time for everyone as everyone is fighting for smooth life. Hike in the unemployment rate is one of the challenges for the government as well as for the student. It is a challenge for the government that what strategy they should adopt to generate employment and for students, what career they should choose so that they feel secure about their future.

According to the survey, 6.1m people have lost their job due to pandemics alone in India. So our concern is to make you familiar with trend demand career in 2021-22 which is not only demanded but also secure and highly paid. And we all know there is a double edged sword hanging in front of us 1)The consequences of pandemic and 2)Unemployment rate. 2020 has taught us many things and changed the work ethos too.

Priority of doing work from home has increased a lot and challenge is going to be faced by newcomer in next year. Challenge is to get a good job and career, which career opportunity will suit you but here we are to guide you about top demanded career but before discussing this we want to tell you that everyone must check their interest and demands of the hour.

With the technological advancement need of employee has changed. Technological advancement has changed the work culture. Shifting of demand in job is fair nature in requirement sell. So we try to put some opportunistic career in order to help you to get a better job which is going to be highly in demand in upcoming days.


Here are the best careers you can opt


  • Digital Marketing – It is not wrong if I say this is an era of marketing. Digitalization of business and digital work culture makes the digital marketing course in demand. We can say it is like a perk for any individual. Digital marketing is the pillar of any business and also the heart and soul of the business because without marketing business can not reach the top. Every employer wants to see digital marketing skill in your portfolio. Marketing is all about selling products and get more reach whether it is a small business or huge business both need a digital marketer who does marketing for their product via online platforms like e-commerce, website, etc and only marketing has the potential to make the businesses or firms well-known company. During a pandemic, we have learned a new way of living where offline marketing is being confined and one more importance of doing digital marketing is that you can reach multiple people at the same time. But to be a good digital marketer you have to get a good knowledge of web analytics, blogging, search engine optimizing, advertisement, mobile marketing, and knowledge of keywords and e-mail marketing etc. So digital marketing is an optimistic way to see yourself on top with a high paid salary.

In recent years the demand for digital marketing experts has increased by 20 lakh jobs in India. We can say that it is one of the best options for those who are aware of the social media trend.


  • Nutrition – Since the pandemic has come people have become more tenses about their dieting method. Not because of pandemic only but the way diseases are increasing day by day which leave people tense. They started to make themselves aware of healthy food. So the demand for nutrition is getting high as 2020 to be known as the year of health is wealth. What should we eat to stay healthy is the priority of every first person. Pandemic has changed the thought process of people regarding diet. Now they are likely to be more tend to the nutritional food than the unhealthy food. They need the best nutritional consultant who will provide them healthy diet chart so they feel secure about their health. Because our body responds according to our digestive system if our digestive system is not well it will start to sabotage the immune system of the body. Nutrition and dietitian can help people to get rid of the burden of what is healthy to eat.

So choosing nutrition as a career would highlight your life journey. Nutrition is one who better understands our body than us. Nutrition focuses on how people can use dietary choices to reduce the risk of disease. They tell us what happens when a person has too much or too little nutrition in their body. Parents are more concerned to their children and want to protect their children from diseases and healthy diet is fundamental step for staying healthy. Nutrition provides nourishment, protein, carbohydrates, full vitamins, minerals, fiber are all nutrients. If people do not have the right balance of diet they may be more vulnerable to many diseases.

  • Content Creator or Influencer – Content creator is highly demanded among the employer. Everyone wants to sell their product and wants more audience but before marketing product, they have to explain about their product, what they want to sell, for what it is made and best content attracts a large number of audiences. Not only in selling but also in influencing people about the needs of life, the content creator requires. Content creator has a responsibility to write attractive and authentic material so that more people get attached and further they feel secure to share with other. Content writer is one who presents the product with fragrance it fills the product with originality so that people know what the producer wants to convey. The main motto of writing or creating good content is to attach people with the product so that they feel connected.

So if you think you have the ability or skill to write then you are at the right place. Take your pen up and register yourself as a content creator. Apart from this, the opportunity in a content writing field is very vast. You can also choose one specific field to write. Content writing covers ghostwriting, screenplay writing, article writing, copywriting, fiction writer and flash fiction writing etc.

If you think you are a thinker then it is the best career you can think about.


  • Event Manager– In today’s age, people want their things to be done perfectly. Because they do not have much time to organize their event by themselves so they look for an event management team. As we all know we are living more on social media and want our social image perfect and never lose the opportunity to impress people and nothing is better than an event. People want their event to be lavish but without giving much time in planning and executing the same. There is where event organizer to be called. The event manager colors the blank page with lots of responsibility like they manage the finance of the event, marketing the event so that event will be reached more people.

Scheduling the time, focusing on target and theme, check on security, stay with creativity and take care of the location. In today’s age event is one of the most prominent behavior, an individual and corporate agency perform. Its demand is not only in the private sector but also it is very highly demanded in the government sector. The government is used to organize an event and create a large number of platforms for them.

So that event management is one of the best careers for those who have managerial and creative skills.


  • Career Counselor – Career counselor is someone who plays the role of PR professionals. With the advancement of technology and the internet, the reach of potential users and customers has increased, the celebrities now want to keep their image right as everything they do or say does go around like wildfires thank to the internet. Career counselor’s opportunity is not only for celebrity but also for companies as well.

The demand for career counselors is increasing day by day so you have better options to make a career in this field.



  • Cyber Security – As soon as we enter into the world of digitalization, we are stabbed by hackers. Computer knows the language of coding and human know the computer. So it is not so tough for people to get secret information of anything by hacking them. Almost all things are happening online and employers want to protect their hard work so that they demand cybersecurity expertise. We can say that without optimum cybersecurity, your online data is not safe not even your message. And cybercrime is on a rise now and so is the use of cybersecurity specialists. National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) says that by the end of 2020 itself, India will have 10 lakh jobs opening for cybersecurity.


  • Actuaries Science – insurance sector is one of the largest sectors in India. Everyone wants to be insured about their life and health, their future, their child, their property, etc. Actuaries scientist works in financial sector and guides them about transactions ethos, like how much premium or insurance will have to be paid by the person insured or the person who has purchased the insurance. That is the job of actuaries.


  • Banking Career – Banking is the career which is considered by the many youth as the best career and yes there is massive advantage of being banker. Bank is the core of economy and economy is the backbone of the nation.


  • Back-End Developer– Behind every website, mobile application and event software there are back-End developers. A developer is a pillar who helps develop the logic behind any website or software or application. To become a back-End Developer, one should have good knowledge of C++, C# and Java. The back –end developer job is not a futuristic job but it is demand of technology as long as internet and technology exists the demand for web developer will increase. So it is also the best career for students.


  • Environment Management – Environment Management is a great initiative of the Government of India. It comes in knowledge since the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ has been introduced. It is one of the reform for the nation as India is facing a sever environmental crisis for ages and GOI is on the way to tackle the problem of pollution, so the need for environmentalist has risen. According to the Council on Energy, Environment , and Water (CEEW), India and National Resource Defense Council (NRDC) there will be 2 lakh and 10 lakh jobs in wind energy project, and solar energy project in India, respectively


There are many more career opportunities apart from above-mentioned options, for which you can enroll yourself life-teaching is all time demanded career for many besides these- marriage counselors, business planners, home decorators, and financial planners etc.

I hope you like the content and it helps you to clear your doubts about jobs opportunity. But only knowing the career opportunity and get influence by the story is not like, doing justice with yourself. The first thing is you have to ask yourself ‘What is your interest’ if you do thing without your interest you will become the worst example for yourself. And let us tell you that everyone is unique in their own way if you do your job passionately no one will stop you from reaching the top and being successful.


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