To Strengthen The Bilateral Ties Between India and UK; Set Up Task Force For Initiating Mutual Recognition of Degrees

India and the UK will set up a joint task force to work towards mutual recognition of each other’s academic qualifications to help internationalize the Indian education system. In order to explain the advantage of the new National Education Policy (NEP), Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ and UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab held a discussion today to strengthen the bilateral relationship between both India and the UK in the field of education.

Education Minister of India, Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishankh’ hailed the task force as he stated, ”Setting up a joint task force will expedite the process for achieving mutual recognition of academic qualification.”

These ties between both nations will help students to improvise their academic career with advanced atmospheres. They can internalize their reach and knowledge. Both countries have aimed at achieving the goal of a synchronized education system by the end of 2021.

UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said,” UK has made several changes in their visa and immigration norms and rules to facilitate student mobility. He also added that these changes are made to make environment students-friendly.” The main purpose of establishing bilateral ties between both nations is to provide better and hassles free education system to students all around the world.

“The consensus sign between both nations to work towards mutual recognition of academic qualification aligns with the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for creating a globally mobile workforce and internationalization of Indian higher education, as proposed in the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 rolled out in July this year,” he said.

This alignment will upgrade technology in the education system and both countries willing to work together to boost an environment for innovation and advancement in technology and on a research project that how will implement a hassles-free atmosphere to the student in order to internalize their reach.


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