Tips To Succeed In An Online Job Interview

By Swati Mishra

This is the time of the pandemic and social distancing is the basic norms that everybody has to follow. Yes it is true that unemployment mat is record high but it is not that companies are not hiring anymore, they are still hiring at their pace and you have to prepare yourself for a new culture of interaction. What if your resume caught someone’s eye, it is the great news that you are on the way of selection but the only selection of resume does not ensure you that you are selected for the particular job. For this, you have to understand the basic and important behaviour during an interview session.

There are a lot of people who feel hesitant to face online interviews as they don’t know how to maintain etiquette during an online conversation with the interviewer and don’t know how to present their self in front of the camera.

We want to tell you that interviewing via Google meet or hangout is a lot different than meeting in person, but you don’t allow this that reality blows the job for you. You may be excellent in your skill and maybe your resume is good, it is all do matter for the interviewer unless you present your excellence in front of the interviewer.

Because not knowing the basic tips can take your chance of selection away from you. So here we are to help you with your next video interview go as smoothly as possible.

As technology develops, it is becoming more convenient and less cost-effective for both parties, the interviewer and interviewee. Virtual interviews not only speed up the interview process but also reduce the cost of transportation, and allow the hiring manager to interview non-local candidates in a timely manner. If you are searching for a job, you might be expected to participate in an online interview during this pandemic.

Before analyzing the tips for the online interview, you have to go through the types of interview.

Types of interview

Online interviews can be conducted in various methods. There are basically two kinds of interview one can expect. First, in a call interview in which the employer or the HR manager of the company ask you to send your details in an audio file or they interrogate you through over the phone method and second video call through zoom, Google meets etc. but the most of the reputed company prefer video call interview as they want to contact you to observe your body language and confidence level.

So, we highly recommend you prepare yourself for the video call interview as it covers your both kind of practice.

Tips for acing your online job interview

Before sitting for an interview, you will have to conduct yourself professionally and make a good a good impression. Here are some tips which will help you to succeed in online job interviews.

  1. Dress professionally – In video call interview, it is doesn’t matter whether you meet the interview in person or not. It is still important to dress professionally in front of the HR manager. Wear something clean business casual clothes. You can also research the company dress code from the official website in advance. In case they ask you to walk and stand up, wore nice pants and shoes. Dressing sense is all about presenting a level of professionalism.


  1. Make eye contact – If you present yourself with confidence, you are expected to make eye contact and should be bold and confident. better to practice it with your friend.  This is a very important tip you need to remember. Smile and say “Hi” with your eyes.


  1. Consider your body language – Always be alert in responding to the interviewer and it is hard to read body language through the video call, so be especially aware of our non-verbal cues. Remember one thing, here is just a screen between you and the interviewer, the rest of the other things do matter as they matter before. Maintaining professionalism and a good manner will increase your chance of selection.


  1. Relax – Yes, it is obvious that you get nervous in the interview and this is your worst enemy. But remember don’t take your nervousness to the head. Take a deep breath before the call and try to remain calm during the calls. If you can communicate confidently with the interviewer, you leave a lasting positive impression and a higher chance of selection. So work on your weakness.


  1. Have back up – As we know technology can play its game anytime and it becomes an inconvenient situation. Before an interview, must contact your interviewer and ask them for back up, in case of any technological glitches. Don’t hesitate to ask him he will understand.


  1. Eliminate distraction – Where ever you think to sit, eliminate all the distracting items. All those items which may impact negatively to your interview.


  1. Banish the pets and kids – If you love the pets and always enjoy their company, then you need to take a little break from their presence. Maintaining professionalism is a fundamental key to excellence.


  1. Standard rules still apply – Not having an in-person interview does not mean you are free to behave anyways, there is only a camera between you and interviewer. They still expect that you will maintain the protocol.


  1. Choose a small chair- Yes, you are reading right, small chair. Sitting on a sofa or dining table while performing interview gives a negative impact. You must sit on the chair that requires for the meeting.


  1. Check the time zone- Maybe who selects you for the interview does not belong to your country. For this, you have to learn the country-wise time zone. Have some basic knowledge.


So that these are some important tips which make your interview successful. Except for these, there some general human behaviour too that you need work before proceeding the interview.

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