The Hottest Trends in Education What Students Choose

Every generation has a unique development that creates demand in the career market. Before the computer age, technologies like commercial satellites and electroluminescent were trending. Courses that would give students career opportunities in these fields were marketable. 


In the computer age, technologies are changing first and students are choosing courses that will make them marketable in a digital world. Courses such as digital marketing, cloud computing, and several soft skills are important in today’s job market. Here are the hottest trends in education today. 


Data science


The business field currently has a high demand for machine learning engineers, data scientists, and business analysts. On the other hand, colleges are at the forefront to offer related data science programs. They are offering courses in statistics, big data analytics, predictive analytics, and data visualization. 


This is a course that former students who studied software engineering or marketing can enroll in for upskilling. Fresh students have big opportunities to take advantage of these courses to make themselves more employable. The data science options available are diploma programs, bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. programs. 


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Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence today is a trending technology in the business world. Businesses use AI for operational efficiencies, automating processes, making better decisions, improving productivity, and optimizing routine processes. 


It is a highly marketable course that is trending in colleges and universities around the world. The current AI-related fields offered by universities are machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing. Graduated students get career opportunities in data analytics, software engineering, data mining, researchers, AI engineers, and natural language processing. 


Cloud computing


Cloud computing offers businesses virtualized computing resources so that they invest less in storage hardware and reduce expenses. Students who enroll in cloud computing courses learn cybersecurity, data governance, data storage, file sharing, SaaS, etc. The most trending career opportunities in cloud computing are cloud engineers, cloud consultants, data engineers, cloud architects, etc. 


Soft skills learning


For today’s business to thrive, workers require a combination of both hard and soft skills for better service. There is a need for them to be good time managers, have emotional intelligence, be able to work under pressure, have critical thinking abilities, and solve conflicts. 


This is an area that was not given priority in schools a few years ago but today, there are full soft skills courses offered in most schools. Students trained in soft skills stand a better chance of employment in today’s demanding world. The commonest areas of training are negotiation skills, communication skills, problem solving and creativity, persuasion and influence, public speaking, presentation, and time management skills. 


Project management and business intelligence


Business efficiency cannot be negotiated today due to high competition. Workers must deliver in time, finish allocated tasks, meet deadlines, and drive the business goals forward. To achieve this goal, project managers play an important role. The trending program attached to this field is a business management program under courses such as marketing management, decision science, sales and distribution, accounting and finance, business economics, and organizational behavior.   


Business intelligence is another area that a business cannot do without. Using data, managers get insights for actionable plans that can bring a turnaround in a business. This is an area that those trained in IT will effectively manage. Other important courses for this field are certified business intelligence professional and data analyst associate. 


Software development


This is a highly trending course applicable in any business field. Students learn programming courses for developing, managing, and designing software. Coding is an important area in this field. Graduates can be employed as network administrators, software engineers, website developers, IT coordinators, and system architects. 




The world is becoming more digitized today and this process is opening entirely new opportunities in the career field. There are new programs offered in universities that prepare students to fit into these job openings. These are trending courses such as AI and its related fields, cloud computing, data science, software development, soft skills, and business management. Almost every university is offering these courses that take between two to four years to complete.


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Robert Griffith works as an online tutor for a short-term course provider company that serves many niches and helps college students find part-time jobs. He is a content writer, writing and editing trainer and his expertise is in academic assignments. His free time is for horse riding, practicing mindfulness and watching nature documentaries.



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