What, Why, How to learn Algorithms for Beginners

What is Algorithm?

An algorithm is a detailed step by step instructions formula for solving the problem in mathematics or in programming task through your PC. In computing, programmers write Algorithms that instruct the computer to perform the desired task.

This definition is just as simple to know about the algorithm. It makes the work easy for the programmers to programming any given task. It shortens your work, but at the same time makes your work effective for the viewers.

Often at times, people are in misfortunes that Algorithms required complex mathematical concepts, highly calculus and all that mistake conceptions. But in reality it’s not like that. Break this misconception off right now. It is wrong at its best, and downright destructive at its worst.

Now comes the question :


How to learn Algorithms? Am I capable of learning?

The factor which prevents people from learning algorithm is the fear factor. People have different views regarding Algorithms. They think that it is the most difficult task to do in the programming world. People lose the battle before it begins. It just requires little hard work, dedication and smart learning.

The best way to get inculcate in it by more and more practising. As it is the writing process, as much as you will write it will benefit you and will ease your work of learning. Developing strong writing procedure and communication skills and logical thinking will enhance your learning.

Do you know a programming language?

Before starting with Algorithms you should have a command on any one of the programming languages. It will ease your work of learning and will feel you comfortable in learning. The best language to start off is with python, because it has a relatively learning curve, and will allow you to learn in ease.

Javascript is one of the option to start up with.

Where is the great place to start practising?

First of all, focus on the fundamentals. Because fundamentals will help you to work in a much easy way. And the things will get cleared in a short interval of time. Mastering in an anyone programming language will help you to achieve it. Algorithms are step by step problem-solving solutions, so you should have good writing practise.

Why learn Algorithms?

Algorithms are a  step by step process. So by learning it, you will be able to grasp the things in a much easier way. The mathematics issue will get resolved in a while and you will be able to sort out the problems in a much easier way. It’s not necessary to know mathematics for learning it. If you have decided to learn it, then start by small, and make it big at the end.


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