JEE Advanced 2020: Exam to be held on September 27, tips and strategies to get rank

By Swati Mishra

The most coveted engineering entrance exam and the gateway to the IITs, the JEE Advance, is now scheduled to be held on 27 September. The exam date has been postponed earlier it was scheduled on August 23.

Although I am expecting students have had an extended preparation time ever since the county got into preventive lockdown on account of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the twice-postponed mode would give enough time to prepare better. This phase is quite critical, as students who were well-prepared would have to maintain their level of preparation till the last date. Students who are relatively less prepared can uplift their level of preparation at last time too.

As we know only 10 days are left, nothing much can be prepared at this moment. I would suggest staying tuned with your revision don’t even try to jump a new topic to learn at this short period of time, remember it is a time of revision consciously whatever you have learned in past days.

The focus should be to shift gear and to move to the next level of preparation, fine-tune to give one look on the concept, take off all doubts and plug loop-holes for every concept, the balance between speed and accuracy, review strength and work on weaknesses. To assess the national level position, ensure output maximum and above all optimize the available time. It is prominent to do concept-wise revision and make a systematic plan to execute strategy.

JEE Advanced 2020 Tips And Strategies

Success is always being depended on hard work and consistency if you did both no one can stop you to reach your goal. Consistent revision is a backbone of securing a good rank. During revision, it is the quality of time spent that is important and not just the number of hours. Engage in concept-wise revision and not chapter-wise. Don’t put a burden on the mind at this crucial time when you are just a few days away from your exam. A lot of times questions are asked wherein multiple concepts are interlinked. Concept-wise revision helps you to not miss anything, inadvertently, thus improving the quality of overall attempts. At this time along with concept revision, you have to counter your weak areas and help yourself to get the best out it. Revise the chapter of class 11 and 12 thoroughly.

During revision, try to solve representative questions which were asked earlier specific to a concept or chapter. By doing so, you will be reminded of certain concepts or techniques that you had studied earlier. Prepare a fresh chart of formulas and revise it at least thrice a day it will boost your speed in memorizing the formula while attempting questions in the examination hall.

Physical fitness

Along with mental fitness, physical fitness is very important. Taking care of the body is an initial stage of taking care of your study. In the current scenario, physical fitness is paramount. Regular exercise, a healthy diet as I can say that happy health comes from a healthy diet, and proper sleep are a major aspect to stay fit and energetic. To achieve an inner calm I would suggest doing meditation since meditation is the only source to make the balance between the inner self and the outer world. It develops self-control and power of concentration. And most important don’t take overstress whatever you have learned till now is good and trust yourself and on your preparation. Except these follow the major guidelines which are prescribed by the government regarding Coronavirus. Don’t panic about the pandemic.

Subject –wise tips to crack JEE Advance 2020

Physics- lets a look at few points to crack the Physics section

  • Learn formula thoroughly
  • Learn derivation of the formulas
  • Concentrate on scoring topics (modern physics, wave optics, alternating current, sound waves, etc.)
  • Diligent practice


Chemistry- lets a look a few points to crack the Chemistry section

  • Structure your preparation in a systematic manner
  • Be patient and smart with organic chemistry
  • Practice reactions and equations
  • Regular revision


Maths – lets a look at a few point to crack the Maths section

  • Conceptual clarity
  • Take mock tests
  • Solve practice questions
  • Solve previous years’ question papers

All the best for your exams.

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