Is MBA Worth It Or Not? If You Are Thinking About To Pursue MBA Then This Article Is For You

If you want to take admission into MBA and are confused about top universities or facing questions “is MBA secure career?” you can go through this article which helps you to clear your all doubts.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is the most demanding career option as it is one of the most popular postgraduate programs not only in India but also in foreign countries. The MBA is 2 years duration courses which are offered by many universities but students get confused regarding which universities is best for them.

There is a systematic procedure to get admission into MBA programs. The two-year program is a gateway to a plethora of job opportunities in the corporate sector. We can not deny the fact that an MBA is one of the safest career options. It expands your working skill as well as transforms the way of thinking and doing business.

Whenever we looking for career options some basic questions are raised in mind similarly happened with MBA aspirants students – such as – is MBA good for me? Is MBA beneficial? Is it in demand? Top-University, Top countries in terms of best B-school, Specialization in MBA, etc. and that are all obvious. Candidates don’t need to worry about all these doubts as we try to accumulate all your queries here.


Why MBA is beneficial:

MBA is a beneficial course due to its expandable nature. It offers specialization in many subjects and students from any background can apply for these programs. Earning a professional business degree or MBA adds number of benefits in your life. It has expected and unexpected ways to open a door of new opportunity. Sometimes it goes beyond your career and professional goals and is applicable to your non-work life as well. There are some benefits mentioned below, MBA aspirants can better understand its benefits through these points-

  1. Boost self-confidence and develop personality
  2. Credibility
  3. Enhanced skill
  4. Professional thinker
  5. Help in Communicating
  6. Self-discipline
  7. Management skill
  8. Different perspective or worldview
  9. Various job opportunity
  10. Higher-income and standard of living


Process to get admission into MBA program in India:

There are many students who want to study MBA in their home country while some want to go abroad for their study to get an international degree. The procedure of getting admission in India and abroad is mentioned below. In India, Admission to all B-school typically takes place through an entrance exam. This exam can be one of the following types-

  1. National level test – CAT, MAT, CMAT, or ATMA conducted by an apex conducting body of the country or a top national B-school such IIM on behalf of the other participating colleges.
  2. State-level test -Conducted by a state authority or top B-school on behalf of the other participating colleges in that state – MAH-CET, OJEE, TANCET, APICET, or KMAT
  3. Entrance exam organized by the university to admission in MBA course being offered by their affiliated colleges
  4. Test conducted by a B-school for entrance to its own MBA program. In some cases, these scores can be accepted as qualifying criteria by other B-school as well. That is – IIFT, SNAP XAT, etc


Process to get admission into MBA program abroad:

If you are interested in MBA from abroad, there are some important things you must go through.

However, these are not the mandatory requirement to have a business or management degree to apply for an MBA in the US or UK or Abroad but there are few things you need to know before jumping to next –

  • Work experience
  • Candidates must have to crack the GMAT competitive exam
  • English language proficiency score
  • Recommendation letters from previous academic institution and place of work
  • Visa – as an international student, to study abroad you will need to obtain a visa.

Once you submit all these required documents, the committee will approve and invite candidates to the business schools for face-to-face interviews.


Top countries to pursue MBA program:

Top university across the world that offers MBA program:

MBA degree offers focused leadership and management training to help professionals advance their careers. Many International companies and MNCs hire those candidates who are filled with the advanced skill and knowledge of recent marketing trends because the business grows on the market’s trends and the market is generated by the consumer’s behavior.

So, before joining any university you must know the background of the university. Here we are listing top universities across the world to help you to find the best fit to reach your professional goals.

University Name Rank Location
University of Pennsylvania 1 Philadelphia
Harvard University 2 Cambridge
University of California Berkeley 3 Berkeley
Stanford University 4 Stanford
Northwestern university 5 Evanston
University of Chicago 6  Chicago
Yale University 7 New haven
University of Virginia 8 Charlottesville
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 9 Cambridge
Cornell University 10 Ithaca



MBA programs and specialization:

Apart from the core MBA course, there are many MBA specializations available to candidates. It is suggested that every candidate must choose a branch or specialization before applying for an MBA program. Choosing specialization helps candidates to equip with their skill and interest for a particular domain such as – HR, Finance, management, operation, tourism, etc.

Some of the popular specializations offered in the MBA program are listed below-

  1. Marketing
  2. IT and System
  3. Tourism and Travel
  4. Operation
  5. Finance
  6. Entrepreneurship
  7. NGO Management
  8. Telecom
  9. Supply Chain
  10. Forestry
  11. Hospitality
  12. Transport and Logistic
  13. Public Policy
  14. Project Head
  15. Leadership
  16. Pharma
  17. Sport Management
  18. Event
  19. Human Resource (HR)
  20. Sales
  21. Infrastructure/Architecture
  22. Disaster Management
  23. Energy and Environment
  24. Import-Export
  25. Agri-Business
  26. Oil and Gas
  27. Rural Management
  28. Textile
  29. International Business (IB)
  30. Product-Branding etc


Top MBA Specializations: Most in-demand MBA specializations

If you are an MBA aspirant and want to build your career in MBA then you must be aware of the trend. Take a look at some of the most popular and demanded specialized MBA program

  • MBA in Finance
  • MBA in General Management
  • MBA in International management
  • MBA in Strategy
  • MBA in Consulting
  • MBA in HR
  • MBA in Marketing
  • MBA in IT
  • MBA in Finance Leadership
  • MBA in Entrepreneurship


Top countries for MBA programs:

For MBA aspirants, it is very important for them to choose the best destination. The implications will affect everything from the topics they will cover, to networking opportunities and their careers post-graduation. Making the right decision adds a perk in your achievements.

According to the report of the, these are major countries candidates can approach for their higher study.

  1. United Sates- compress image

The US is top of the list once again. The nation originated the degree, and boasts many of the world’s most highly-ranked business schools, with alumni as significant as former US presidents.

MBAs in the country typically run for two years and include an internship during the summer months. It provides students a better learning experience and opportunity to explore themselves.

  1. United Kingdom-

study in UK with rudraksh group mohali

UK is considered one of the best destinations in terms of higher study. As per the global financial centers index, London has emerged as the world’s most competitive financial center and it’s this edge that makes the nation so attractive to prospective students.

  1. Canada-

Canadian Universities 1080x600 1

Apart from the US and UK, Canada is third on this list. Canada remains a popular destination for potential MBAs because of the quality of its business schools and the employment opportunities available post-graduation. In fact, sic of the top 100 business schools in the QS Global MBA rankings 2018 are located in the country.

Canada has always been a first choice for MBA aspirants.

  1. Australia-


Australia is an English-speaking destination that preferred highly influenced English speakers. Australia is known for its boasting a number of highly-ranked business schools, a strong entrepreneurial mindset and an enviable lifestyle. Studying here means, students have an abundance of opportunities to explore with business mind and company. They can learn through networking and exchange ideas.

  1. Germany-

humboldt university berlin

In this top MBA university series, Germany is the most liked country because of its technological and innovative ideas. It is one of the world’s strongest economist and a leader in both the automotive and electrical industries. Business School students in the country benefit from the academic success of many of the business schools. They also experience many networking opportunities provided by the country which is home to business including BMW, Deutsche bank etc

Students can also prefer France, Singapore, the Netherland, Spain and Switzerland for their MBA programs. These countries are rich in lifestyle and exploring ideas. Business mindsets and opportunistic have a better chance to implement their idea and experience here.


Top University in India-

If candidates want to pursue MBA in India can approach these top universities. The aspirants can get admission by clearing CAT or GMAT entrance exams.

  1. Indian Institute of Management- IIM Calcutta
  2. Indian Institute of Management- IIM Ahmadabad
  3. Indian Institute of Management- IIM Bangalore
  4. SP Jain institute of management and research
  5. XLRI Jamshedpur
  6. Indian Institute of Management- IIM Lucknow
  7. Indian Institute of Management- IIM Indore
  8. Indian Institute of Management- IIM Kozhikode
  9. MDI Gurgaon
  10. Faculty of Management- FMS New Delhi

The top B-schools in India are mentioned above. The list is prepared on the report of Annual Rankings and Grade.


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