IGNOU Offers Two New Certificate Programs Through “SWAYAM” Platform

Indira Gandhi National Open University has announced two new certificate courses on environmental studies, students can avail these courses on SWAYAM platform. These courses on Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) for environmental health & environmental and occupational hazard through SWAYAM, massive open online courses platform of the Government of India. Candidates can apply at swayam.gov.in/IGNOU.

The course on environmental and occupational hazard consists of topics which will be discussed is natural hazards and disasters like earthquakes, floods, landslides that adversely affects the property either by damaging the property or because of losing life.

As per the official notification, both courses will be functioned for 12 weeks / 3 months, university already offered around 105 courses that are being taught through “SWAYAM” platform through open and distance mode. Any students who cleared their class 12 can apply for these courses.

The course will be taught by Prof. B Rupini, Dr. Sushmitha Baskar, School of Inter-Disciplinary and Trans-Disciplinary Studies.”


“The course also includes weather-related awareness classes such as geographic hazards, weather-related hazards, among other hazards. The course discusses occupational hazard as well including mining and construction, agriculture and allied sector, hospital, health centers and corporate sectors.

The course provide an understanding of environmental impact assessment of water resources development; to assess the major challenges to sustainable environment system from water resources development perspectives, and to identify major environmental issues that need to be recognized for the betterment of upcoming generation as well as for environmental species.

To create the awareness about the eco-system among students, university has introduced environmental impact assessment course so that students can contribute theirselve to preserve environment.

Some important topics which will be discussed:

  1. Basic concept of environment impact assessment
  2. Measurement of EIA
  3. Comprehensive environmental impact studies
  4. Air quality impact and analysis
  5. Socio-Economic impact on environment
  6. Wildlife impact analysis
  7. Geographical hazard
  8. Life cycle assessment
  9. Regulations in India
  10. Vegetarian impact analysis
  11. Noise impact analysis
  12. Environmental sitting
  13. Water quality index analysis, etc

Various steps will be included in the process of developmental activities in EIA. These courses comprising four blocks describing EIA in details. The environment in EIA context mainly focuses on physical, chemical, biological, geological, social, economic, and aesthetic dimensions.


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