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Happy Gandhi Jayanti 2020: Important Lesson Students Must Learn From Mahatma Gandhi

By Swati Mishra

Happy Gandhi Jayanti 2020: October 2 is celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti an Influential leader that India earned. His life and thought are the inspiration for millions not only in India but also in the world. His ideology of running life is commendable and appreciated by everyone. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi “Bapu” dedicated his entire life to the cause of India’s independence. His way of winning debate without being violent putts the diamonds in his character. He ran his life on the idea of truth, non-violence, and peace. We have also mentioned Important Lesson Students Must Learn From Mahatma Gandhi.

His non-violence protests, and peaceful demonstrations of civil disobedience and hunger strikes alarmed the British empires so much so, that they had to put him behind the bars. But he continued his struggle, determined to reach his goal and to free his people from the shackles of its colonizers. During the journey of fighting for India, the father of the nation, Gandhi has left many powerful messages, thoughts, and life lesson that helped Indians to win over the cruelty and these messages are being adopted by every generation.

He did not only help people how to live life but also encourage them to take stand by truth, dignity, and peace. He said, “If you want to control others you have to control yourself first”. In his dictionary, there is no word of anger. He believed anger is the biggest enemy of mankind by adopting anger you can lose your winning battle, ultimately anger is not the solution to anything. His values and struggle are admirable.


“Peace belongs to those who belong to harmony.”

Important Lesson Students Must Learn From Mahatma Gandhi

We can learn a lot from his struggle and life. Let’s take a look at prominent lessons which must be imitated:

  1. Non-violence and peace: Gandhi strongly believes in the practice of non-violence. According to him, a peaceful resolution of problems and conflict was the greatest of achievements. One might gain power and control by violence and threat, but respect can only be accomplished by harmony and non-violence. The relevance of non-violence is not only prevalent in the sociological environment, but it is also very relevant in the familial realm.


  1. Patience: Patience is the most powerful word in the world. With patience not you only heal but you also win. It is one of the most important lessons that should be adopted by students as this is an era of challenges and opportunities everyone wants to run their life smoothly and peacefully. In this case, patience is the only solution that brings hope and light to success in life. Patience demands equality whatever the circumstances are if a person has patience he can surpass the obstacles. It was patience and continuous struggle that allowed Gandhi to win the battle for India. However, patience needs courage due to its tedious nature but it has for a sure solution.


  1. Truth: Truth? Does not sound worthy? Yes, but few know the power of the truth. This is the speciality of Gandhi Ji. He always took steps toward truth. He believed if you walk on the path of truth no fear can touch you ever. Fear and lie is the best friend if a person tells a lie a fear comes along with and a time he himself destroys his life. ‘Satya’ was the only Dharm which Gandhi Ji followed in his life and it was a concept and a practice that Mahatma Gandhi propagated to a great extent. According to him, the truth may seem challenging at a particular moment of time, but a lie can stain a person for life.


  1. Self-determination: Dedication was in the blood of Gandhi. That is why he became the face of the freedom movement and leads the nation towards an independent country. He said, “Determination is like a sword that cut all the obstacles coming in the way of success”; however a person has to do struggle to imbibe the self-determination. Success is not an easy task and can never be achieved without determination. One has to believe in oneself and be determined to struggle up until the end or one win.


  1. Equality: Mahatma Gandhi was a strong believer in equality amongst all human beings. He rejected the idea of superiority and that any man is greater than the other in any way. Untouchability was and is still a problematic issue in Indian society. Gandhi condemned such an act and believes that it violates the fundamental principles of humanity. We must learn to treat everyone equally.

Teachings of Mahatma Gandhi

  • Power of positivity
  • Perseverance
  • Simple living, high thinking
  • Art of forgiveness
  • Exercise and meditation
  • Good eating habit to live a healthy life


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