Google working on AR headset codenamed ‘Project Iris’

San Francisco, Jan 21 (IANS) Google is working on an AR headset codenamed “Project Iris”.

According to two people familiar with the project, Google has recently begun ramping up work on an AR headset, internally codenamed Project Iris, that it hopes to ship in 2024, reports The Verge.

Google’s upcoming device would use outward-facing cameras to blend computer graphics with a video feed of the real world, creating a more immersive, mixed reality experience than existing AR glasses from the likes of Snap and Magic Leap.

The device is reportedly still in early development, is powered by a custom Google processor, and runs on Android

A recent report claimed that Google is actively hiring to create an “Augmented Reality OS (operating system)” for an unspecified innovative AR device.

A senior Google executive Mark Lucovsky said in a LinkedIn post that he will lead the Operating System team for AR at Google.

“If you are interested in joining me on this journey, I’d love to talk,” he posted.

He previously spent four years as General Manager for Operating Systems at Oculus VR/Facebook/Meta.

Earlier in his career, Lucovsky was at Microsoft for 16 years before working at Google from 2004-09.



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