Online Education 2020: Microsoft Launched “Teams for Education” to support online education

Online Education 2020: On Tuesday (June 16), Microsoft launched ‘Teams for Education’ feature in order to support online education to engage and help students and teachers in learning preparation from home. This new feature can now accommodate a maximum 49 participants with its grid view expanded to 7×7. ‘Teams for Education’ feature also includes class insights, custom backgrounds and virtual breakout rooms to meet and collaborate in small groups.

Over 150 million students, institutional leaders, faculty, and teachers have been actively using Microsoft Education products to engage students in remote learning. The new ‘Teams for Education’ Microsoft features are aimed to give educators’ new methods to keep students digitally engaged and increase student’s participation. Also includes OneNote Class and Staff Notebooks.

Students can now digitally Raise Their Hands during class meetings. Educators can also see Attendance Reports with view Class Insights feature. This feature is an intelligent data analytics breakdown on activity metrics and grades, student engagement in class, rate of assignments turned in with a new trends view.

New experiences like Microsoft Translator for Education, will empower educators to engage with students along their family members provide reading and literacy support via audio and text as well as in their native languages.

Partner integrations: ‘Teams for Education’ now also includes integrations with Prezi, Kahoot, GO1, Nearpod, Gaggle, Moodle, Piazza, Canvas, and others. Microsoft has also stated that the company will continue to add partner integrations which will make it easier for schools and universities to use Microsoft Teams.

As public-private partnerships are important to the future success of educational institutions, Microsoft will also partner with a number of global non-profit organizations and non-governmental like UNESCO and UNICEF to support communities around the world.

Microsoft has built-in Learning Tools like Immersive Reader into Microsoft Word, Teams, Microsoft Edge, Flipgrid, Minecraft: Education Edition and OneNote to enable parents to support students across all reading levels or those who have difficulty reading or writing due to dysgraphia or dyslexia. Today, over 23 million people with dyslexia and learning disabilities use Immersive Reader globally every month.

Country General Manager-Public Sector, Health and Education, Microsoft India Manish Prakash stated that many teachers and faculty have been incorporating new tools into their educational lessons often for the first time and students are now experiencing new methods of online learning, which will have a lasting impact on their future. With this transition, it has become clear that it’s more important than ever to help teachers or educators find ways to connect with students and keep them engaged, safe and motivated in a digital world.

Here is the Microsoft Teams for Education Quick Guide PDF: Click here

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