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CBSE Board Exam 2021 Date Sheet Revised, Check Details Here

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has revised the CBSE classes 10 and 12 time-table 2021 today March 5, 2021. CBSE revised schedule is available in a PDF file. The revised date sheet has been uploaded at the official website of CBSE –

Candidates can visit the website to know the complete datesheets and time of the exam.

Changes in CBSE exam for class 10: New Date-sheet

  1. Exam dates for the class 10 CBSE board is the same as announced earlier by the authoritative board
  2. English communicative exam will be conducted on May 6, 2021
  3. According to the new schedule, French exam will be held on May 12 and Punjabi will now be conducted on June 5.
  4. The science exam has also been shifted to May 21 and mathematics has been rescheduled for June 2, in the new CBSE datesheet of class 10
  5. The Arabic and Sanskrit exam will be held on June 3 instead of June 2
  6. Malayalam, Punjabi, Russian, Urdu course-B has been rescheduled for June 5, 2021

Changes in CBSE exam for class 12: New date-sheet

The exam will be started on the same date May 4, 2021, as announced earlier. However, as per the CBSE revised schedule for class 12 last will be conducted on June 14 instead of June 11, 2021.

Below mentioned the changed datesheet for class 12-

Subject New date Old date
Mathematics, applied Mathematics (Acad and Skill)May 31, 2021June 1, 2021
Hindi Elective, Hindi CoreJune 1, 2021May 31, 2021
Web Application, TourismJune 2, 2021June 3, 2021
GeographyJune 3, 2021June 2, 2021
CBSE class 12 Physics exam date, Applied PhysicsJune 8, 2021May 13, 2021
NCC, Marketing Geospatial TechnologyJune 12, 2021June 8, 2021
All languages paper

June 14, 2021May 15, 2021

As per the new scheduled, retail, mass media studies exam will be conducted in the morning shift on June 14, 2021, while language paper- Tamil, Telgu, Malayalam, Odia, Assamese, Persian, Tibetan, Tankhul, Bhutia, Spanish, Mizo, Manipuri, Gujarati, Kannada, Russian, German, Limbu, etc will be held in the evening shift on June 14, 2021.

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