Women and Career : An Ultimate Guide To Handle The Pressure Gracefully

Once upon a time, women and career were not at all related. But now the time has changed. Now you can see women in each and every field. As far as economics is concerned, many women are earning more than men even after the concept of pay inequality still exists. Just like pay inequality, many challenges and obstacles are there in women’s career path. However, not all of them can be overcome easily.

Sexual harassment in the workplace has become another concern. Though almost all the companies have on paper rules for it, not everyone takes them seriously. Also, women have to take care of their family and ‘Kitchen’ while working. So, being a woman, how to handle career gracefully?

Here are some tips on that

  1. Don’t procrastinate: Being a woman is your superpower itself. When you are a working woman, you have to handle the responsibility of your house and work. If you are a working mother, then another responsibility adds in. While handling all this, chances of missing things and opportunities out are higher. Always plan your day, week and month in advance. Procrastination will lead to an accumulation of work which is undesirable.
  2. Contribute equally: Your career is as important as your family. Contribute equally to both places. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Neglecting or negotiating your responsibilities is not the way to lead a successful life.
  3. Seize every opportunity out: Stop giving excuses and start taking every opportunity seriously. If you want to go ahead, don’t wait for things to be easy. Try to make good out of everything.
  4. Raise your voice: Always remember to raise your voice if something wrong is happening with you. If you are being harassed or underpaid, you can file a complaint against the wrongdoers. Ask for clarification.
  5. Self-talk: Be your own cheerleader. Talk to yourself often. This will help you to regain confidence. Self-talk removes confusion you are facing. It helps you to understand the situation thoroughly.
  6. Stay open and alert: Being responsible for so many things, you need to be open and alert. You must know what’s happening around yourself. Otherwise, catching up with things is the whole new task. That will consume your important time. Stay updated with new rules, policies, schemes and opportunities.
  7. Know your limits and define them: While living professional and personal life, you must set your limits. If someone tries to cross the limit, let them know the consequences mildly. This will define you as a person.
  8. Improve constantly: You should always be ready to learn new things and modify your mistakes. Never be upset with the criticism, take it positively. Tell yourself to do things that you once thought you cannot do.
  9. Communicate effectively: Communication is the key factor to lead in any field of life. If you know how to speak well, you can get yourself out of any situation. Having effective communication will make you feel confident.
  10. Be patient: Things will take time and you must know that. Patience helps you to be calm and that’s necessary when you are handling so much.

Taking care of so many things at a time is a difficult task. It takes so much pressure and courage to be able to do this. Women are born with that potential, they just have to realise it.

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