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 Top 5 AI Jobs and Salaries Offered

A huge interest in AI jobs has been observed due to the rapid growth in the field of technology. The number of jobs in AI seems to keep increasing as more and more organizations are taking the digital route, but the number of aspirants is not enough as there is not enough interest from job seekers on this part.

According to data from various sources, it is believed that these positions are expected to stay vacant for several years so one can take a journey towards this field. Let us have a look at the AI jobs that one can pursue and salaries that can be obtained.

 Top 5 AI Jobs and Salaries Offered

  1.     Machine Learning Engineer

The average salary received by a machine learning engineer is 10 to 12 lakhs p.a. They are held liable for assuring that the projects of machine learning are functioning efficiently. They are known to be central to the AI projects, the reason being that everything is structured on their work. The task of a machine learning engineer involves making efficient use of natural language processing and applying predictive models. One is also expected to be well equipped with java, scala, python, deep learning, analytical skills, and neural networks. More skilled persons and experiences are expected to receive better pay.

  1.     Business Intelligent Developer

The job of a business intelligence developer it to make an analysis of the complex datasets and make an identification of market and business trends to boost the revenue of the organizations. One is expected to use a cloud-based platform for modeling, designing and maintaining complex data. One is required to have skills in data warehouse design, SQL queries, data mining, Bi technologies, SQL server reporting services and much more. A Bi developer is eligible for the post just with a bachelor’s degree. The average salary received by a BI Developer is approx 7 to 9 lakhs p.a. which keeps increasing with more skills and experiences.

  1.     Big Data Engineer/Architect

Big data engineer/architect is known to be the highest-paid professionals, who start their journey with somewhere around 12 to 16 lakhs p.a. with a huge amount of growth and opportunities as they work.

This role is considered to be one of the highest-paid, so the candidates are required to obtain a Ph.D. in maths or computer science to become legible for it.

The big data engineers are said to plan and develop the big data environment on Hadoop and Spark systems. One planning to pursue a career in this field needs to have experience in data migration, data mining, data visualization along with C++, Java, Scala, and Python.

  1.     Data Scientist

A data scientist’s job is to deal with complex and large datasets by making use of predictive analytics and ML and create algorithms to gather and clean such data to make it available for analysis. A data scientist makes somewhat around 8 to 10 lakhs p.a.

A person planning to pursue a data science degree is expected to master the course in computer science. Also, prior experience in machine learning can turn out to be very handy. One should have experience in Amazon S3 and Hadoop to boost their CV.

One is also required to have strong communication skills and capabilities to acquire any job.

  1.     Research Scientist

One is required to be expert in multiple fields of AI namely, machine learning, maths, computational statistics, and deep learning to be legible for research scientist posts. One is required to have extensive experience in graphic models reinforcement learning, and natural language processing along with them. As the job is high in demand, the average salary of a research data scientist is around 9 to 11 lakhs p.a.

Like data scientist, research scientists are also expected to have a master’s degree mostly in a lot of companies but there are also companies which hire persons without them as well. Parallel computing, distributed computing, and machine learning are some other skills required in a research scientist.

These are some of the 5 AI jobs and salaries offered. So the people interested should get going to land a job they desire.

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