IGNOU Launches ‘Freedom To Learn’ Podcast, Now Listen To IGNOU Lectures Via Podcast

IGNOU, The Indira Gandhi National Open University launches a podcast series “Freedom To Learn” that will help students learn while listening to the lectures. The podcast series launched by Prof Nageshwar Rao, Vice-Chancellor, IGNOU, aimed at its “diverse learner base”. The program not only helps students in education terms but also brings together professionals from different fields in one place.

The University said in an official statement that this launch is a unique initiative and is a step towards democratizing education and flexible learning as OER, Open Educational Resources.

The podcast series coordinators are Prof Neeti Agrawal and Prof Nayantara Padhi of School of Management Studies. The series with innovative topics will be a whole lot of new experiences in terms of learning, knowing technology change and workforce, coping strategies for sustainable work, reshaping future work through remote working, reorganization of social and organizational cultures, global talent market, and new digital world business ecosystem.

The podcast platform speaks on the theme of the ‘Future of Work: Navigating a sustainable New World’. The students will able to know how technologies like automation, artificial intelligence and robotics are shaping the way and where we work, and the skills and education are now taken into consideration we need to work.

The ‘Freedom To Learn’ Podcast platform will also provide digital resources to learners by which they can get the latest insights on various contemporary and interdisciplinary topics.

The learners also have the opportunity to learn Business agility and digital reengineering which highlights the importance of digital transformation in the business world. This also includes Future of Work, Workplaces and Workforce and how all three terms are in the midst of massive change.

The podcast series will be available on www.ignou.ac.in and social media sites of the IGNOU. Just keep track for new episodes and students can use them exclusively for their knowledge and academic usage as part of OER, Open Educational Resources.

When it comes to learning, IGNOU has always made use of latest technologies as a medium of teaching and learning through interactive radio counselling, teaching through DTH (SWAYAM), teleconferencing, providing digital teaching material (eGyankosh), using social media etc.

Here is the direct link to IGNOU Freedom To Learn Podcast

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