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Engineering: Why 94% graduate engineers are not fit for hiring


If you are an Indian, then the thought of becoming an engineer or a doctor must have crossed your minds or if not
yours then your parents must have definitely dreamt so. There is nothing wrong in that, obviously, everyone wants
to be the best and in our country becoming a doctor or an engineer is thought to be the most sought after

Although nowadays the perspective of a respectable and good earning job has changed and
professions in fields like architecture, fashion designing, lawyers, radio jockey, video jockey, chartered accountancy
etc have gained more popularity, especially among the younger lot of people.

It is a good thing that the mindset of people is changing but has anyone thought why? Has anyone thought why
parents don’t discourage their children from opting other streams apart from medical and non- medical in class
11th ? The answer is simple, unavailability of jobs.

Recently a top business tycoon stated that out of the engineers who graduate, yearly, 94% remain jobless while only 6% are hired. Also the lucky few, who manage to get a job, are
exploited, sometimes the jobs that they receive are not equivalent to their qualification levels, their starting
salaries are low, they’ve to work hard and put extra effort to maintain their jobs.
Thereby, creating unemployment and underemployment together.

Reasons for engineers unemployment

Let us reason out why the engineers of our country, that to such a huge number, are unemployed. Very few of us
know that more than 10,000 universities offer engineering degrees. So we can very well imagine the number of
engineers that graduate every year. With engineering colleges growing and increasing like wild grass, the number
of engineers obviously goes on increasing.

The engineering graduates of India outnumber the total number of engineers produced by the USA and China combined together therefore the first and the foremost reason is that not many jobs are available to accommodate the sheer number.

Secondly, in the Indian education system stress is given to theoretical knowledge rather than practical, which
makes a student unacquainted with the actual work required to be done. Theoretical knowledge is, no doubt,
important but practical knowledge should be given equal weightage as well.

Unavailability of a good teaching staff becomes the third reason but is a matter of serious concern. The condition is
much worse in private colleges where at times there is no minimum qualification level for the teachers. In
government colleges some teachers, who have attained good qualification, are not serious and lack the zest to
impart knowledge to the students.

Requirement of proper communication skills for a good job is mandatory. Students who plan to pursue engineering
consider studying PCM as priority and remain ignorant towards their personality development and verbal ability.
So lack of good communication skills becomes a big drawback for many of them.

At times some universities admit students through quota. Since those students scored less in the entrance exam as
compared to others, they face a lot of difficulties in surviving for the next four years in the college and at times end
up getting a GPA which is not up to the mark. Thereby adding to the number of unemployed.

Summing up we can come to the conclusion that engineers in India are becoming more and more helpless and if
the above mentioned factors remain prevalent the trend will definitely increase.

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