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Exciting Facts About India We Bet You Didn’t Know

Ritika Mishra



We believe you might knowthe common facts about how India got its name from the river ‘Indus’; to the country having the third largest army in the globe(after USA and China) and Kumbh Mela being the biggest gathering in the world. But if you are also mindful of the below mentioned rare facts, then you are truly a valued citizen of the nation.

  • India was an island, arounda 100 million years ago.
  • It is the world’s most advanced; oldest and continuous civilization.
  • Both the Kashi Vishwanath Temple and Tirupati Balaji Temple witnesses’ visitors exceeding those combining with number of visitors of Mecca and Vatican City.

Sea of people at Tirupati Balaji Temple

Tirupati Balaji Temple

Tirupati Balaji Temple

  • India encompasses the 3rd largest Muslim population and includes highest number of mosques (3 lakh mosques) than any other country in the world.
  • 3 million people, more than the population of many countries, are employed by Indian Railways.
  • India boasts the largest English speaking population in the world.
  • We have more number of people being born in the country every year than the aggregate population of Australia and many other countries.
  • Kumbh Mela can be seen from space due to its largest gathering in the world.

 Kumbh Mela from space

Kumbh Mela from space

Kumbh Mela from space Source

  • Currently, the oldest and continuously inhabited city in the world is Varanasi.
  • 2014 General Election observed more than 54crore people voting, exceeding the combined population of Australia, Japan, USA and UK.
  • In 2015 and succeeding years, an estimate 25% of the total workforce of the world’s population will be from India.
  • India has one of the top five space programs in the world, irrespective of the budgetary constraints.
  • First Indian satellite was brought on bullock cart and rocket on cycle.
  • A saltwater lake in Maharashtra, Lonar Lake is one of its kindsin India created by meteor hitting the Earth.

Lonar Lake, Maharashtra

Lonar Lake, Maharashtra

Lonar Lake, Maharashtra

  • Shani Shingnapur, a village in Maharashtra has people living inhouses with open doors and no police stations either. They believe whoever robs anything from this place will have to face the rage of Shani Dev.

Home without doors in Shani Shingnapur

Home without doors in Shani Shingnapur

Home without doors in Shani Shingnapur Source

  • Magnetic Hill, a gravity hill situated near Leh in Ladakh allegedly have magnetic properties hard enough to pull cars uphill and force aircraft to raise their altitude for escaping magnetic interference.

Magnetic Hill, Leh

Magnetic Hill, Leh

Magnetic Hill, Leh

  • India invented chess. It also has largest amount of vegetarians and road network in the world.
  • Our nation discovered the number zero, invented buttons of your shirts, value of pi, shampoo, plastic and cataract surgery, diamond mining (till 986, we were the only country where diamonds were officially found), shampoo and water on the moon.
  • India is the largest film and milk producer in the world.
  • The country also leads in the highest number of murders (32,719) per year in the world.
  • In India, Zoroastrianism leave their dead bodies for vultures to eat in buildings called “Towers of Silence” to refrain from polluting the elements – air, water, fire, earth.

Zoroastrianism‘s Tower of Silence

Zoroastrianism ‘s Tower of Silence

Zoroastrianism ‘s Tower of Silence

  • Bangalore, the tech capital of India has more Grade – A offices than Singapore.
  • India marked the establishment of Jainism and Buddhism.
  • India has world’s 1st Granite Temple – the Brihadeeswara Temple.

Brihadeeswarar Temple

The Brahadeewarar temple

The Brahadeewarar temple

  • The wettest inhabited place of Earth – Meghalaya is in India. The nation also gifted Yoga to the world.
  • Country boasts the largest family in the world comprising 1 man, 39 wives and 94 children.

Largest Family in the World

Largest Family in the World

Largest Family in the World

  • Switzerland celebrates May 26 as Science Day as Dr. Abdul Kalam, former President of India visited the country on that day.
  • Sachin Tendulkar (Ohh, you knew this one :P)
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