Rohitashv Gaur on Lohri: Will celebrate Lohri at our homes, eat ‘sarson da saag’, ‘maake di roti’


Mumbai, Jan 13 (IANS) The festival of Lohri which falls on January 13, is all about dance, masti and munching on peanuts, popcorns and other items made with sesame seeds and jaggery like rewri, gajak.

This is a harvest festival of Punjab which is celebrated with much zeal and enthusiasm. Actor Rohitashv Gaur aka Manmohan Tiwari from ‘Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai’, shares what makes this festival special and how he loves to celebrate it.

He says: “The word Lohri comes from ‘Tilhori,’ i.e. Til (Sesame) and Rohri (Jaggery), and both are my favourites. Both the ingredients are believed to cleanse the body and bring new energies to life. Hence, I wait for the day to eat more and more sweets made from it. And I am waiting to experience it this year as well. Ho wever, this year due to the pandemic, we will celebrate Lohri at the comfort of our homes, eat the feast of sarson da saag, maake di roti (chapati made with maize flour), til rewari and much more.”

The actor further shares about his interest in flying kites with his daughter: “Apart from that, my daughters and I, like every year, will go to the terrace and fly kites to celebrate the festival.”

He recalls celebrating Lohri in Chandigarh, Punjab and wishes to celebrate it there once again after the pandemic is over : “My favorite memory of Lohri is the one I spent in Chandigarh some years back. The vibe of the place including the dance, feast, food is extremely incredible and an experience of a lifetime. I definitely wish to celebrate Lohri in Chandigarh once the world goes back to normal, post the pandemic.”



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