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Groundbreaking FENIX360 App to Be Made Available to FENIX Global Artist Ambassadors and Their Invitees

TEL AVIV, Israel–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#artistsFENIX360 today announced that in the coming week, the groundbreaking FENIX360 app will be made available to its growing and impressive force of celebrity Global Artist Ambassadors (30+ and rapidly increasing). These are highly accomplished artists that are excited about the FENIX360 platform and keen to speak to fellow artists, friends, and others about the opportunities it uniquely affords.


When FENIX360 completes its Global Artist Ambassador phase at the end of April, 2021, it will then announce plans for the immediate and progressive rollout of the FENIX360 app globally.


In 2018, FENIX began building a blockchain ecosystem designed to facilitate all musicians with a dedicated following — however small or large — to be able to earn a living. The principal was that FENIX should provide all revenues to the artist apart from the small percentage necessary for running the FENIX business. And that FENIX should continually create new tools for the artist. Since that time, in what FENIX describes as an “evolution to a revolution,” FENIX has focused on making the core feature of its ecosystem — being able to build a unique, content-filled app in 20 minutes — available to anybody as the basis for a completely new type of social media.




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