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Why is the health insurance policy important?

In today’s era you never know when you will fall ill, whereas the treatments have become expensive. So in an emergency arranging money in a short span of time becomes difficult, especially for middle-class people. It is not possible for every person to get expensive treatment. In such a situation, many people want to get health insurance. Due to the worldwide corona epidemic, people have started thinking about health insurance.

Why Health Insurance is necessary?

Health insurance is important for every age person. Changing lifestyles can cause disease to people of any age. In such a situation, growing age is no more a reason for illness. Along with this, inflation is increasing rapidly and treatment in private hospitals has become very expensive.

Getting timely treatment in government hospitals is a big challenge. In this case, it is not possible for the common man to spend lakhs of rupees on treatment. Whereas health insurance can prove to be of great use. You can get health insurance by depositing a few thousand rupees per month. With this, you can get guaranteed treatment up to several lakh rupees.

There are many benefits of Health insurance:

If you have health insurance, then you do not need to spend money during the treatment, because the insurance companies have tie-ups with different hospitals. This gives you a cashless facility to get your treatment done. 

Coverage before and after recruitment 

The insurance policy covers the period before, during and after the hospitalization, and up to 60 days after discharge from the hospital. It depends on which plan you have taken. So you should be cautious while choosing the planning. 

The transportation expenses

The insurance policy also covers the rent of the ambulance in bringing the patient to the hospital. 

No Claim Bonus (NCB)

A person who is insured gets some bonus points if he has not filed a claim in the previous year.

Free medical checkup

The insurance policies also have the option of health checkup. Many insurance companies also provide health checkups based on your previous NCB. You should take advantage of a health checkup so that you can be safe from any serious illness.

Benefits of tax exemption 

The premium paid for health insurance is exempt from tax under Section 80D of the Income Tax Payment Act. You can also get information from the insurance company.  

Types of Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance: This policy covers the amount spent on the person who has taken health insurance and the cost of hospitalization. The premium is determined based on the age of the person who is insured. 

Family Health Insurance Scheme

In this, all the family members are insured for various diseases under one policy. It sets a fixed amount on behalf of the insurance company, which can be used by all family members or a single member. 

Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan

This policy is for the elderly or those who are above 60 years of age. It provides protection against various health problems to aged people. 

Insurance plan for surgery and critical illnesses

This plan is very suitable for those who need treatment for serious diseases like kidney failure, paralysis, cancer, heart attack etc. Since the treatment of these health problems is very expensive, the premium is also high. 

Private accident insurance

This policy provides protection in the event of an accident. The premium depends on how much amount you want as a cover.


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