Whatsapp Pay: Make payment or receive money from Whatsapp for free

Yesterday messaging app WhatsApp announced that its payment service is now available in its application after a test phase in India. This service is also provided in Brazil and soon launched in the rest of the world.

Customers can pay or receive money through facebook pay. Today Facebook Pay will land in its various applications and this is orderly start from today with WhatsApp said by one of a Facebook officer. This service is totally free no charges will be taken for sending or receiving money individuals.  But the businesses must pay a 3.99% commission rate to WhatsApp.

User must link their bank card to WhatsApp account and transactions are safe by the fingerprint sensor or a six-digit PIN code.

Now it will be interesting to see if WhatsApp payment will get success in India or not. While  WhatsApp has more than two billion users worldwide. Brazil is one of the most WhatsApp users. This new feature of Whatsapp may affect market competition as well.


An official blog of Whatsapp its team says that” From today this service will start in Brazil and they are looking forward to launching in other countries as well”.

Whatsaap has also launched one more new feature that users have been asking for many years. The simultaneous access to an account from several devices at the same time i.e WhatsApp multi-device access. Now WhatsApp can be used from a smartphone and a tablet at the same time. According to the source in this feature the WhatsApp account can be used from four devices at the same time. Currently, the function is under development and will soon launch in beta. However, Whatsapp official does not reveal the exact launch dates yet.

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