To keep Aadhaar Card safe from cyber crime, then lock biometric data like this, follow this easy process

In the last few years, the use of Aadhaar has increased very fast in our life. Aadhar card is used as an identity card almost everywhere. Our biometric information i.e. fingerprint information and iris information is recorded in the Aadhar card. In this case it is different from all other documents. In the recent past, there have been many such cases when cyber criminals have committed various frauds by stealing the information of Aadhar card. In such a situation, UIDAI, the company that issued the Aadhar card, gives the facility to lock and onlock the Aadhar.

This prevents your biometric authentication from being misused. UIDAI has told that by locking the biometric, your data cannot be misused. So let us know about how to lock and onlock the biometric of Aadhar card-

How to do Aadhar
Data Lock – To lock the biometric data of Aadhar, you first click on the official website of UIDAI.
After this select the option of My Aadhaar.
In this, you click on the Aadhar Lock or OnLock option.
After this you enter Aadhar Card and Captcha.
After this enter you registered mobile number.
After that enter OTP.
Click on submit option. Your Aadhaar will be locked.

How to do aadhar
onlock – To onlock aadhaar, you click on
Then you select the option of My Aadhaar.
Then click on the Unlock option.
After this, unlock Aadhaar by entering OTP.



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