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Security check will be done of Telecom equipment, government is trying to ensure security on every front before the start of 5G

Before the introduction of the 5G service in the country, the government is engaged in ensuring security on all the parameters. Soon security checks of all types of devices used in the telecom sector will be made mandatory. The security check of all the devices will be under the Communication Security Certification Scheme (COMSEC). It will be the responsibility of the National Center for Communication Security (NCCS) to implement it.

In the matter of 5G security, the government has also informed the Parliamentary Standing Committee. According to the Telecom Ministry, ComSec will cover all types of devices sold in India and used in the Indian telecom network. Devices connected to mobile phones will also be covered in it.

After this system goes into effect, any equipment manufacturer, importer or dealer who wants to sell any of their telecom equipment in India, must first get their equipment checked and get a certificate.

Sandeep Aggarwal, chairman of the Telecom Equipment and Service Export Promotion Council (TEPC) says, “The government should ban the use of any non-Indian device from the year 2023, along with an investigation certificate to ensure telecom safety.”

Aggarwal says that the source code for 5G security should be in India, the hardware should have been designed in India and manufactured in India. Chip making is not easy in India right now, so the ready chip can be used in a country that is away from the interference of China.

According to experts, after China’s antics on the India-China border, China’s equipment has been no longer reliable. The United States and Britain have banned the use of Chinese company Huawei’s 5G service, but India has not banned equipment or services of any company, including Chinese companies. The Telecom Department was told to the Parliamentary Standing Committee that the 5G service is being assessed worldwide. A decision will be taken in this matter only after examining all aspects related to the social, economic and security of the 5G service.

Indian Manufacturers are capable

According to experts, foreign manufacturers outperformed in 2G, 3G and 4G, but this is not the case with 5G. All components of 5G can be developed in India. The Telecom Equipment Manufacturers Association (TEMA) has also requested the government to make the purchase of home appliances mandatory for the 5G service.

5G scope will be wider

According to experts, 5G service will not be just for mobile users, but through it, banking services to big business will be carried out. Therefore it is important to take care of its safety. Experts say that the safety and success of 5G are also dependent on how cheap 5G smartphones are made in India. The Telecom Research and Development Fund was recommended by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) to develop cheap indigenous telecom equipment, but the fund has not yet been set up.