Preparations for the spread of satellite communication service in India, internet access will be better in remote areas as well

The government is preparing to provide a license to all types of government and private companies for the spread of satellite communication service. At the same time, other government agencies such as Railways and State Transport will be able to establish their own captive satellite-based communication centre. The spread of satellite communication service will also increase investment in this area, as many start-ups will be able to provide communication services to companies through their own small satellite. This model is proving to be very effective in many countries in America and Europe.

The Department of Telecommunications wants to spread this service in India as well. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has issued a draft for granting license for this service at the behest of the department. Satellite communication service is currently limited. The government wants to make is commercialize.

According to TRAI, the advantage of satellite communication will be that in remote areas, mobile phones and other Internet-related things can be delivered easily. Even today, there are hundreds of villages in the country where communication service is not available. This will lead to the development of communication infrastructure at the national level in the country.

According to TRAI, commercialization of satellite communication services will mainly benefit sectors such as supply chain management, smart grids, railways, disaster management, internal security, fisheries, healthcare. According to TRAI’s proposal, the State Transport Authority, Indian Railways and other companies having a large number of vehicles will be able to get a separate license to establish a captive network. Through the satellite communication service, the railways will be able to control all the train movement, train safety and other things from one place.

According to TRAI, through the Global Mobile Personal Communication by Satellite (GMPCS) service, the licensee can run satellite phone service in his area. On getting the license, the operator will also be able to provide all kinds of Internet and voice services i.e. calling in his area. The license holder for GMPCS will have to set up their station in India.

According to TRAI these days, many start-up companies are able to provide satellite communication services through a 1.3 kg satellite. Their cost is also a little over 10 million dollars or seven crore rupees. TRAI believes that this type of trend will increase in the coming times. Satellite-based communication service in countries like the USA, UK, France, Canada is proving very successful and its trend is also increasing rapidly.

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