Planning to invest, then start mutual fund investment in the name of wife, you will get Rs 2.45 crore on retirement

Every sensible person understands the importance of investing in life. It is said that along with earning, it is also very important to invest money properly. Everyone worries about retirement. In such a situation, it is very difficult to find the right investment options for planning it properly. In the last few years, there has been a lot of interest among people in mutual funds. Mutual funds are a great investment option. If you want to get maximum return with less risk then you can plan to invest in mutual funds.

If you come from high income group and you have a good salary then you can invest in the scheme mentioned by us. We are going to tell you about such a scheme, by investing in which you can deposit funds up to 2.45 crores on maturity. So let us tell you about that mutual fund scheme by investing in which you can get up to Rs 2.45 crore in maturity-

Invest 3500 rupees in SIP every month
Let us tell you that in the last 10 years it has been seen that investing in Mutual Fund Systematic Investment Plan ie SIP gives you an annual return of about 15 percent. If your wife is 30 years old at the time of investing, then you can invest 12.60 for a total of 30 years. On a return of 15 percent, you will have a fund of about Rs 2 crore 45 lakh after 30 years. Keep in mind that the interest rate in mutual fund schemes is compounded.

Best Mutual Fund Scheme Options of Last Few Years
SBI Small Cap Mutual Fund – Return of 20.04 percent
Nippon India Small Cap Mutual Fund Scheme -18.14 percent Return
Invesco India Midcap Mutual Fund Scheme-16.54 percent Return
DSP Midcap Mutual Fund Scheme-15.27 Percentage Return
Kotak Emerging Equity Mutual Fund Scheme-15.95 Percent Return

Before making any kind of investment, you must consult a financial expert. This reduces the risk in your investment and increases the chances of getting maximum returns.

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