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How To Get Income Tax Refund By Re-Issue Request?

The income tax refunds use to straight land up to your bank accounts earlier through online transfers. But now the process is different with new rules and many are facing issues related to refunds. We will help you out in solving the issue. You just need to follow the steps mentioned in the article below.

Before that, it’s important to link your PAN with bank account according to new income tax rules. Even prevalidation of bank accounts for refunds is also important which is mentioned in the steps.  It takes 20-45 days from the date of e-verification of your ITR to get your refund credited.

Who Can File Income Tax Refund?

  • If you paid more tax than your actual tax liability to the government
  • If TDS has been deducted much more than its actual liability.

If a person is unable to claim tax refund due to death, incapacity, insolvency, liquidation or any other cause, then his legal representative, guardian, trustee, or receiver can claim the refund on his/her behalf.

You are liable to receive interest on the amount due at 0.5% per month/ part of the month in case of any delay by the government or tax authorities to provide you with an income tax refund.

Follow the below steps to request for Refund Re-issue

  1. Visit the e-Filing website
  2. Login into the website with your User ID, Password, Date of Birth/ Date of Incorporation and Captcha.
  3. Navigate to My Account and click on “Service Request”.
  4. You will see two options on the window. Select the ‘Request Category’ as ‘Refund Reissue’ Select and the ‘Request Type’ as ‘New Request’.  Then click on the ‘Submit’ button.
  5. Fill the additional details such as PAN, CPC Communication Reference Number, Assessment Year, Refund Sequence Number (available on the 143(1) Intimation order and Click on ‘Validate’ button.
  6. After validation, you can select the mode of Refund Reissue from the options.
    • ECS
    • By Paper (Cheque)
  7. You can even update the Bank Account Details from the option under the field ‘Do you want to update Bank Account details? Select ‘Yes’, and enter details in the additional fields i.e. Bank Account number, IFSC code/ MICR code and Type of Account.

Note: You will be directed to ‘Prevalidate bank account’ screen if you do not have prevalidated bank accounts. If pre-validation fails, the same will be communicated to you by the CPC.

  1. After filling all the details, click ok. Then, select the appropriate mode of e-Verification, Generate and enter EVC (Electronic Verification Code) /Aadhaar OTP as applicable to proceed with the request submission.

Note: If you have Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) registered on your profile, Then download the ‘DSC Management Utility’ and generate the signature file. Upload it and proceed with the submission.

  1. If you have selected the option of cheque, the same will be delivered in the address according to what you select under the dropdown ‘Category.

If you select ‘ITR Address’, address provided in the ITR uploaded is used. Same goes with ‘PAN Address’. And if you select ‘New Address’, fill up the additional fields as displayed.

  1. Click on “Submit” to validate the details.

On successful validation, you will receive the success message.

Want To Check The Status Of Your Refund Re-Issue? Follow The Below Steps

Step 1: Visit the ‘e-Filing’ Portal

Step 2: Navigate to ‘My Account’ and select ‘Service Request’. Type ‘Request Type’ as ‘View Request’ and ‘Request Category’ as ‘Refund Reissue’.

Step 3: Click ‘Submit’.

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