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Package 3 unfolded, FM announces 1 Lakh crore to agricultural Infrastructure

Delhi. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman held a press conference in Delhi to unfold the third phase of the 20 lakh crore package. The package was announced by PM Modi on Tuesday when he came live to address the nation. He told about this package so that India can be an “AtmaNirbhar” nation. He also claimed that this package will be 10% of the nation’s GDP.


Since the announcement, the Finance Minister is unfolding its usages in steps. Press conferences will be held daily by Sithraman till Sunday ,i.e., the package will be unfolded in 5 steps in which three steps are out. Today the third phase was out which continued for 1 hour and 17 minutes. In this time span 11 announcements were made. Out of 11 announcements, in 7 announcements, the implementation was not clear.Today’s announcement was towards the agriculture.


1 lakh crore fund is given to agriculture infrastructure ,i.e., to strengthen the farm gate like cold storage. it will be given in the form of a short-term loan. it will be given to agricultural co-operative society and startups related to agriculture.


10,000 crore has been given to micro food enterprise to strengthen the local product by keeping in mind about #vocalforlocal. It will be given to 2 lakh units. It can be claimed with the help of self-help groups.


20,000 crore is kept for fisheries. Out of 20,00 crore, 11,000 crores is kept fisheries and the rest 9,000 crores will crores basic facilities.


13,343 crores are for the vaccines of animals. 53 crore animals can be vaccinated by these funds.1.5 crore cows and buffalo have been vaccinated yet.


15,000 crores have been segregated for animal husbandry. The milk processing industries will be made out of this money.


4,000 crore shares for medicinal herbs. The profit will be of farmers who produce medicinal plants. 25 lakh acres lands can be used using these funds.


Funds for Beekeeping has been allocated. 500 crores are booked for the same. The supply of honey will be increased. 2 lakh beekeepers will be able to take advantage of it.


TOP: Other fruits and vegetables have come under this. For Tomato, onion, and potato, the operation green revolution is there so that the money is properly circulated to the farmers. For TOP, 500 crores have been separated.


Major changes will be made in 1955’s act so that the competition in farmer increase along with the prices. One central law will be made so that the farmers could sell their produce on the right rate. While sowing the seeds, farmers neither have any idea regarding the rate in which the product will be sold not nor they are confirmed about the number of products that will be sold. The government wants the farmers to know about everything before each season. News laws will be made so that food producers, aggregators, retailers, and exporters along with farmers can settle the rates of their products. The main motive is hardworking farmers should not be humiliated and can do risk-free farming.