Multibagger Stock is giving tremendous returns

Multibagger Stock: Till date no one has been able to make accurate assessment of the movement of the stock market. Here even when the market falls, some stocks show tremendous growth and in the rising market also many stocks fall upside down. The stock market has been bearish for the last few days. In the year 2022, BSE Sensex and Nifty have fallen by about 10 percent. But, this slowdown of the market has not been able to dominate some stocks and these stocks are giving multibagger returns. The share of Gensol Engineering Share is also a multibagger stock.

This stock has seen tremendous gains since last one year. In this period, it has increased the money of its investors ten times. On Tuesday, the stock of Gensol Engineering rose and closed at Rs 580.95. Now this stock has reached very close to its 52 week high. Its 53 week high level is Rs 600 then its 52 week low is 50.78 rupees. The current market cap of Gensol Engineering is Rs 635.38 crore.

This multibagger stock is galloping, the stock

of Gensol Engineering has been giving multibagger returns to investors for a year. In just five trading sessions, this stock has gained 32 per cent. Similarly, it has jumped 64 percent in a month. If we look at the last six months, the shares of Gensol Engineering have given a huge profit of 607 per cent to their investors. So far this stock has given 387 percent return in the year 2022. The stock has jumped 961 per cent in one year.

10 lakhs made of one lakh,

If an investor had earlier invested one lakh rupees in the shares of Gensol Engineering and maintained his investment, then today he might get Rs 1,061,095 instead of that one lakh. In this way his money has increased ten times in one year. Similarly, if an investor had invested Rs 1 lakh in this stock six months ago, then today his investment has taken the form of Rs 707,612. If an investor had bought the shares of Gensol Engineering by investing one lakh in the beginning of the year 2022, then today the shares are with him, their price has gone up to Rs 487,578.


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