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IPO buzz in the market, around 16 companies ready to come up with IPO

There is a new trend of investment in IPO in the country. Last year, IPOs of many companies arrived and they got a great response. This year only ten IPOs have come within three months and all these have received huge support from investors. The IPOs of many government companies have also been very successful. Now more than 15–16 companies have IPOs to enter the market.

It is expected that they will also get a very good response. In fact, due to the low returns of a mutual fund, especially equity funds, the trend of investors has been towards IPO, secondary market and real estate. This is the reason that the trend of investors towards the IPO has increased and there is a lot of investment in it.

Ten companies launch IPO so far this year

Ten companies have launched IPOs so far this year. There are sixteen companies that have been allowed to launch IPOs from SEBI. After the approval, MTAR Tech has launched its IPO in March. The IPO has announced the IPO dates by Easy Trip Planners, Anupam Rasayan and Laxmi Organic.

Right now, after getting approval from SEBI, at least 12 IPOs can be launched. The IPOs whose IPOs have been allowed to launch include Sunrise Small Finance Bank, Craftsman Automation, Barbeque Nation Hospitality, Nazara Technologies, Puranik Builders, Apeejay Surendra Park Hotels, ESAF Small Finance Bank, Kalyan Jewelers India and Power Grid Corporation.

These companies are also ready

Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels will raise Rs 1000 crore from the IPO. At the same time, the intention of Sunrise Small Finance Bank is to raise Rs 1300 to 1400 crores. Craftsman Automation wants to raise 800 crores from the IPO. Barbeque Nation Hospitality will bring an IPO of Rs 1200 crore. Najara Technologies will bring an IPO of Rs 2500 crore and Puranik Builders 1000 crore.

Aadhaar Housing Finance Rs 7300 crore and ESAF Small Finance Bank will launch an IPO of 1000 crore. Lodha Developers will hit the market with an IPO of Rs 2500 crore. At the same time, Kalyan Jewelers India will bring an IPO of 1500 to 1800 crores. India Pesticides 800 crore and Power Grid Corporation intends to raise Rs 7500 crore.

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