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US President Trump’s extend the ban on Visa

On Monday US President Donald Trump has expanded a ban on US work and extended it till 31st December 2020 because it would aid the coronavirus-battered economy, but business groups of United States strongly oppose this decision.

Trump has issued a presidential proclamation that points temporarily blocks for foreign workers entering on H-1B visas, which are used for skilled employees, and L visas for managers and specialized workers being transferred within a company. Trump also blocked seasonal worker visas, which are used by landscapers, food processing and other industries for entering on H-2B.


The senior administration official told to media that this step is taken to help the US workers recover from the pandemic’s economic effects. Trump also wants Americans to come back to work as soon as possible.


The visa ban will provide  525,000 jobs and fix high unemployment rate caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The ban will be effective from June 24 to December 31.


The basic objective of this ban is to improve the unemployment rate in the US, which now more than 40 million. This decision will affect those who are already in the US with a valid non-immigration visa. It will also impact Indians, who are applying for a fresh visa and those Indian who have valid skilled worker visas such as H-1B, L-1/L-2 as they will not be allowed entry into the US till the 31st December 2020.


The order will not impact those who have Green Cards but will affect those applying for Green Cards from outside the country.

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