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Supreme court imposed 5 lakh fine on man for PIL seeking a ban on Coca Cola, Thumbs UP

On Thursday the Supreme Court rejected a PIL applied by a social worker for a ban on sale and usages of Coca Cola and Thumbs. The social worker asked for a ban because these beverages companies drinks are harmful to health and the petition has been filed for exterior causes.

The Sc has denied the petition and imposed an imitable cost of 5 lakh on the petitioner and also told that petitioner has failed to disclose why he has particularly chosen two specific brands to the target of the proceedings and what the source of his assertions is.

The petitioner would be deposited 5 lakh within one month with the top court registry and pay off to Supreme Court Advocates-on Record Association (SCORE).

This bench was headed by Justices D Y Chandrachud. He said during the hearing that the petitioner Umedsinh P Chavda through his petition has sued jurisdiction of the court under Article 32 of the Constitution which includes being an abuse of the process of law.

The bench, also included Justices Hemant Gupta and Ajay Rastogi, according to them the petitioner Umedsinh P Chavda is a social worker claim that the petition has been filed by him having no technical knowledge on the subject. The source of his assertions has not been proved.

Further, the judges said that We dismiss the petition and fined costs quantified at five lakh rupees on the petitioner. The costs imposed shall be deposited in the Registry within one month and shall be paid up to the Supreme Court Advocates-on Record Association

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