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Retail Gold Demand still low on straight fourth week

On a fourth straight week Indian Physical gold dealers were forced to provide discounts as a gold market remained unfavorable for most of retail consumers. India is said to be the second-biggest buyer after China of gold but the demand of gold market further effected due to the start of Shradh month(It is a inauspicious two week period where consumers avoid to buy gold and other assets). On Friday Domestic gold traded at ₹ 51,445 per 10 grams, having effected an all-time high of ₹ 56,191 per 10 grams last month.

Discounts comfort to $30 an ounce over official domestic prices, containing of 12.5 per cent import and 3 per cent sales realization, from last week’s $40.

Whereas demand for ordinarily rise in the run up to the October-November festival season, but due to heightened Covid-19 outbreak has inscribed the sentiments, with India’s economy wrinkled by nearly a quarter in April-June.

A Bombay based dealer with bullion importing bank said that ” This time during the festive seaaons the demand for gold market will remain lower than usual because of higher price.

Another Gold Silver dealer Brian Lan said that “As much as rates go down, the of gold siliver will rise and so many customers will look at gold.

The Premiums were remain same at $0.80-$1.50 an ounce versus at the level.

A sales manager Vincent Tie added that From last past four weeks the sales were venerable.

Same condition were observer in China also the demand for gold remained weak and sold at $45-$50 discounts, whereas the last week’s sales was at $56 level.

According to Samson Li, a Hong Kong- based precious metal analyst of Refinitiv GFMS said that the discounts may be limited, especially moving towards in the fourth quarter wedding season.

While Japanese premiums were remained same at $0.50.
Meanwhile, On Thursday Thailand’s central bank said it would soon allow gold trading in U.S. dollars, as the baht remained strong.

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