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India And China May Take Lead In Asia’s Vaccination Drive, Moody’s Analytics Stated

It is being expected that India and China may take the lead in driving Asia’s vaccination plans efforts, even as third waves of infections and stringent measures to control fresh COVID-19 cases in Japan, South Korea and some South-East Asian nations remains a dampener for Asia’s uneven economic recovery, Moody’s Analytics said in a note.

India is emerging as the second most-impacted country after the US and it is dealing vaccination drive in a smarter way. Terming India’s beginning of the vaccination programme a crucial development for the Asia, the firm also said that country’s advances on this front would soften the severity of the pandemic in Asia. Its efforts to make vaccination drive successful will be remarkable and help to get the economy back on track.

The demand for India’s vaccine for COVID-19 has been increased across the world, other nations like Brazil, South Korea hoping for India’s vaccine in order to curb the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic. India is emerging as a hope for millions of life and expecting better recovery.

“With the exports of the COVID-19 vaccines expected to begin soon, India along with China look set to take the lead in driving the region’s distribution efforts in the month ahead,” the note stated.

The note further added that as the largest producer of vaccines in the world, with 60% of the global share, India is well-positioned to use its existing manufacturing capabilities to contribute to mass vaccine production and distribution needs for other countries in adding to meeting its domestic requirements

By manufacturing a large amount of vaccine and fulfilling the demands of other countries too, is also an achievement for India and by doing so it has proofed that the ‘Aatm Nirbhar Bharat’ campaign will boost the capability of India.

“While Indonesia’s approval of China’s vaccine ‘Sinovac’ for emergency use, the first country outside China to do so, could open the door for other Asian economies to follow suit. However, mixed reports on the vaccine’s effectiveness have set back vaccination plans in countries considering its use”, the firm said.


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